The hustle and bustle of cities grow larger with every day that passes, and people find themselves seeing less and less of nature. Laagen wants to help people reconnect with nature through their luxury stays in the forest.

The Norwegian forest is vast. Majestic trees tower above ground, observing as squirrels scatter about and birds sing their seasonal songs. Unlike the looming, loud cities, the endless life of nature is harmoniously peaceful and quiet. At Laagen, they welcome you to experience the serenity of the Norwegian outdoors in a comfortable, relaxing way.

“Laagen is a retreat for the senses. It allows you to experience nature in a simple, yet luxurious way,” says Olav Tarjei Valebjørg, marketing manager for Laagen and Høyt og Lavt Gruppen.

In 2017, a collaboration between three vastly different Norwegian companies – Agens, Høyt og Lavt, and Nature Compact Living – sought to provide ‘a safe haven for creative thinking, good eating and sound sleeping’. In 2020, Laagen finally opened its doors to the public.

Laagen: A nature experience like no other

Treetop cabin outside. Photo: Inger Marie Grini

Norwegian designs and experiences

Many children dream of the perfect treehouse, where they can spend their days wandering off and getting lost in all sorts of imaginary worlds. Laagen provides a similar space for adults and anyone wishing to escape the flurry of activity of large towns and cities, using nature’s calm as a source of mindfulness and relaxation.

No matter how you wish to enjoy the outdoors, Laagen has something for you. Their facilities consist of five glass containers, a treetop cabin and a workshop hub, Laagen Hub. Utilising large windows, all of their spaces allow you to see the vision and spectacle that is nature, even when you’re inside. Additionally, they exhibit beautiful, sleek, Scandinavian luxury with their Nordic interior and cosy fireplaces. “Fewer and fewer people get to truly experience nature nowadays,” says Valebjørg. “We want our guests to experience the outdoors, while still being comfortable.”

Laagen: A nature experience like no other

New cabin, 2022. Photo: Laagen

Want to re-live that child-like euphoria of treehouse fun and climbing? Eight metres above ground, the treetop cabin is every modern child’s – and indeed adult’s – perfect treehouse. The cabin is equipped with hanging suspension bridges attached between trees and two additional suspension tents, should you wish to opt for a more immersive, outdoorsy adventure.

If, however, you prefer a more visual experience, the sliding doors of the glass containers overlook the river in all its tranquillity, as well as the surrounding trees and nature. Enjoy the kiss of sunlight against your skin as you lounge in the hammock net or fall asleep stargazing under the bedroom ceiling window.

Laagen: A nature experience like no other

Photo: Ingrid Marie Grini

“The panoramic view of the glass containers allows you to experience and see the surrounding nature and local river, and it allows you be close to nature while you lounge comfortably inside,” says Valebjørg.

The Laagen hub, too, boasts beautiful, panoramic windows. With 180-degree floor-to-ceiling glass, the hub was created as a calming space of creativity. Equipped with state-of-the-art video conferencing facilities, high-speed internet and everything you might need to work efficiently, Laagen encourages productivity while being immersed in nature.

Laagen: A nature experience like no other

Photo: Ingrid Marie Grini

“It’s a great place for people to bring their employees,” says Valebjørg. “It allows them to work and be productive away from the cities, but also to bond with co-workers, experience local activities, and have fun.”

Whether you want a Norwegian cabin experience, a romantic evening under the stars, or a fun work trip, Laagen’s spaces provide the perfect getaway and a fresh start to the day.

Laagen: A nature experience like no other

Local activities

While staying at Laagen, you’ll be surrounded by plenty of activities only short distances away. With beautiful nature trails, you can opt for a hike in the Laagen valley. And if walking isn’t quite up your alley, Laagen provides electric bicycles for you to rent.

“Scandinavia’s biggest climbing park, Høyt og Lavt Vestfold, is also right around the corner,” says Valebjørg. “It provides a thrilling and fun experience for people of all ages, regardless of skill.”

Laagen: A nature experience like no other

Photo: Christian Lunde

Not far from the luxury spaces is Numedalslågen, the river that Laagen is named after. It is Norway’s third-longest river, boasting the title as one of the best Norwegian rivers for salmon fishing. In addition, the river has historic significance, having been previously used for log driving.

Laagen: A nature experience like no other

Photo: Nadia Norskott

Environment, sustainability and the future

The collaborative groups behind Laagen share many of the same values, most of which place an important focus on sustainability. Collectively, they wish to move forward in a positive and more sustainable direction. Valebjørg explains that reducing their carbon footprint and making responsible choices is always a part of Laagen’s decision-making.

“Our next big project is building solid wood cabins, a more climate-friendly option to plastic or similar materials. We want our cabins to affect the surrounding nature as little as possible,” he says. “For those fancying an even more sustainable visit, the cabins will be available this summer.”

Furthermore, Laagen wish to create unforgettable experiences and seek to expand their list of activities along with their cabins. “Our goal is essentially to create Norway’s coolest mini resort, with luxurious and spectacular facilities, activities and experiences,” Valebjørg concludes.

Laagen: A nature experience like no other

Photo: Morten Rakke

High-end accommodation
Unique meeting space
Wi-Fi (Laagen hub)
Food delivery
Accessible hiking area
Electric bicycle rental
Self check-in

Distance from Oslo: 1.5 hours by car
Distance from Torp Airport: 40 minutes by car

Facebook: VisitLaagen
Instagram: @visitlaagen

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