Way up north in Sweden, close to the Norwegian border, you’ll find Riksgränsen Ski Resort, Björkliden Ski Resort and the cabin station Låktatjåkko. The three locations, owned by Lapland Resorts, offer unrivalled experiences for those keen to enjoy skiing in the Arctic.

The high season at Lapland Resorts runs from February to May and, nestled in an area of metre-deep snow, its venues are idyllic alternatives for skiing enthusiasts looking to elongate the season.

Lapland Resorts: The Swedish Arctic skiing experience

A three-course dinner with a private chef at Låktatjåkko cabin lodge. Photo: Gustaf Adolfsson

“Coming to our resorts is a unique experience. You’re surrounded by snow-covered mountains and a stillness that is unusual to find at ski resorts. It’s truly breathtaking,” says Lapland Resorts’ marketing director Christophe Risenius.

Each of the three locations offers something different. While Björkliden is a family-friendly resort with a children’s skiing school and other kids’ activities, Riksgränsen offers advanced ski slopes for the experienced skier, and a more exclusive hotel experience, with a limited number of rooms ideal for small groups or those seeking a more private stay. Finally, the mountain station Låktatjåkko offers a more intimate exprience, with its unique feeling of being enclosed in nature.

Lapland Resorts: The Swedish Arctic skiing experience

The ski course for children at Björkliden. Photo: Emma Svensson

If you have a hard time deciding which location to visit, no need to worry: Lapland Resorts offers access to all three locations. With a short bus ride between Riksgränsen, Låktatjåkko and Björkliden, you can easily experience the different atmospheres.

“The experience at our Låktatjåkko lodge is absolutely magical. It’s the highest-located lodge in Sweden and the snowy mountains surrounding you give you the feeling of being alone in the world. It’s truly something one has to experience to understand,” says Risenius.

From the slopes to the spa

For those up for a snowy activity, there are plenty to choose from. Apart from skiing, you can go on a guided snowmobile tour, hire a personal ski guide, or even reserve the Rakkas chalet and enjoy a traditional three-course dinner cooked on an open fire by a private chef. If you’re keen to relax after a day on the mountain, Riksgränsen’s spa and sauna is a must-visit. Enjoy a swim in the pool, a soothing massage, or a facial treatment with organic products from northern Sweden.

Wherever you’re travelling from, Riksgränsen and Björkliden are easy to access by train, flight and car. The mountain retreats are happy to host adventure-seekers or those keen to enjoy the Arctic experience in the unique nature of the Swedish mountains.

Lapland Resorts: The Swedish Arctic skiing experience

The cabin lodge Låktatjåkko, surrounded by magical nature. Photo: Gustaf Adolfsson

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