Argan all the way

With a Finnish mother and a Moroccan father, the founder and CEO of Loelle, Dominique Samir Guellouchi, embarked on the mission to bring quality argan oil from Morocco to the Nordic market. Today, Loelle is a growing company with award-winning, organic beauty products.

“I named the company after my second daughter, Loelle, and for me, this symbolises everything we stand for; family, passion and a healthy lifestyle,” the father of four tells us. “Loelle reflects kindness for the environment and people. All our products are completely organic, cruelty free and vegan-certified. We also work closely with a fantastic women’s cooperative in Marocco,” Guellouchi continues. “I visit several times per year and it is great to see women from poor backgrounds getting the chance to work and provide for themselves under fair conditions, while their children get to go to school.”


The secret ingredient

Argan oil has been used since ancient times and there are no doubts of the popularity of Loelle’s products. “I am extremely proud of our Luxury Series consisting of three products; The 2017 Organic Beauty Award-winning face serum, a hair oil that was awarded best product and hairstyling product last year, and a protective face oil,” Guellouchi continues. “Unique for these products are that they contain barbary fig seed oil, an ingredient we were pioneers at using in Sweden.” For each litre of this precious oil, you need one tonne of the cactus figs, but the reward is great. “Just like a cactus in the desert, the serum holds water, preserves moisture and evens out fine lines in the skin. There are many products doing the same thing, but most of them are chemical. This is a completely organic alternative,” Guellouchi says.

The Loelle argan oil is nourishing, anti-inflammatory and protective against free radicals. “It is a great all-round product, easily absorbed and perfect for your face, body and cuticles. Once you’ve tried it, you can’t be without it,” Guellouchi promises with a smile. “It’s perfect to use after our rosewater, which won at the Organic Beauty Awards in 2018 for best face water.” Extracted from rose petals, the Rosewater cleans, resets the PH-balance and has anti-aging qualities. In a world where consumers are becoming more aware, Loelle continues to set examples with these types of products. “We will always serve our consumers organic, effective and kind products,” Guellouchi summarises.


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