The award-winning company Loelle is continuously introducing new organic beauty products to the Nordic market. Argan oil, Barbary Fig Seed Oil, African Black Soap and Rosewater are just a few examples. Founder and CEO Dominique Samir Guellouchi is passionate about the journey from ingredient to product. “We care for the environment, for the people we work with and for your skin. Loelle stands for kindness, family and a healthy lifestyle,” he says.

All of Loelle’s products are 100 per cent organic, carry The Vegan Society’s certification, and are certified cruelty free by The Leaping Bunny. “We use sustainable sources and work closely with a women’s cooperative in Morocco. Unfortunately, there are many fake cooperatives out there, but this one is genuine, and the women call the shots,” Guellouchi explains. “The women are empowered, they get a stable income, and this particular cooperative also gives their children the chance to attend school.”

Many of the ingredients in Loelle’s award-winning products stem from this collective. An example is the brand’s Luxury series, consisting of the 2017 Organic Beauty Award winning face serum, a hair oil awarded best product and best hairstyling product last year, and a protective face oil. “Unique for these products is the Barbary Fig Seed Oil. Loelle was the first company in Sweden to use this ingredient,” says Guellouchi. This extremely rare oil requires a whole tonne of cactus figs in order to produce just one litre of oil. “It moisturises and balances the skin, protects it from free radicals in the air, reduces fine lines and gets rid of inflammations caused by, for example, stress or bad food,” Guellouchi continues. “Many customers get back in touch with us to praise the oil. After trying one expensive brand after another, many say that this is the only product that actually works!”

Clay masks from the Moroccan mountains

Another exciting product sourced from the same area in Morocco is the Rhassoul clay. Women from the collective knock out clay from the nearby mountains. This ancient beauty product is 100 per cent natural, completely free from heavy metals and available in three different colours determined by the mineral composition. Kajsa Bodin, certified organic skin therapist at Loelle provides more information about these products: “The white clay is made for sensitive skin, the red one suitable for normal skin, and the green clay recommended for mixed to oily skin. It is deeply cleansing and extracts both toxins and free radicals that we get exposed to on a daily basis,” she continues. “The Rhassoul clay is most effective when mixed with our pH stabilising and hydrating Rosewater, extracted from rose petals at the cooperative. For those with dry skin, we recommend adding some of Loelle’s Argan oil into the mixture. It binds moisture to the skin and leaves it as smooth as silk.”

The Rhassul clay step-by-step ritual offers customers an opportunity to enjoy a luxury home-spa treatment. Available in a spa kit, this is the perfect Christmas gift, completely free from harmful ingredients.

Ancient beauty concepts revived

Another product with ancient origins is Loelle’s Jojoba oil, awarded best body care and body oil at the Platinum Awards in London in 2018. This oil is sourced from a cooperative in Peru and has a molecular composition very similar to the one in our own sebum, the skin’s natural lubrication. Due to this similarity, the Jojoba oil can be a good alternative for sensitive skin and for those who easily react to skin products. Moreover, Loelle is introducing the brand-new African Line in the beginning of next year. “We are launching three products: two African Black Soaps, one solid and one liquid, as well as a Shea butter,” Guellouchi reveals. “We are extremely proud to introduce these products to the western world.”

The ingredients are once again sourced from a women’s cooperative, this time located in Ghana. “African Black Soap has been used there for centuries, and is still used by the women when they wash themselves and their children,” Guellouchi explains. Loelle’s African Black Soap has several outstanding qualities. It is completely natural, organic, anti-inflammatory and, in contrast to some other Black Soaps on the market, completely free from palm oil. Going forward, Loelle will stay true to its values. “We will always give our customers products that are kind towards them, the environment and the people producing them,” Guellouchi concludes.

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