If you are planning a Lofoten getaway, the modern Lofothytter make excellent alternatives to the more traditional Norwegian fishermen’s cabins in the area. With three newly built cabins for rent right by the fjord, co-owner Trond Solem welcomes guests from near and far for an unforgettable holiday in the north.

“Our aim is for our guests to have a pleasant experience when they have chosen to travel all the way to Lofoten and stay with us. They come from all over the world, and we love meeting them and helping them to discover this spectacular part of Norway all year round,” says Solem.

A great starting point for exploring Lofoten

The striking cabins are set in the middle of Lofoten, on the waterfront at Nappstraumen, a great starting point for exploring the whole of Lofoten and experiencing everything on offer. Each cabin can house up to five people and is equipped with everything you need for a comfortable stay, making it an ideal place for families or groups of friends to unwind.

In close proximity, visitors can find the Offersøykammen mountain, with the path up to the top starting right outside the cabins. “The trip up and down takes about two to three hours by foot, and the reward is a fantastic 360-degree view you would not want to miss,” Solem enthuses. The cabins are situated only five kilometres from Leknes Airport and Leknes city centre, where you will find local shops and restaurants.

With a large glass facade facing the fjord, you are close to the spectacular landscape, the sea and the magical northern lights, all while staying cosy and warm indoors. “‘Awesome view!’ is what our guests tell us again and again,” Solem smiles.

“Our little secret is that we collect our own water from a groundwater source about 120 metres inside the mountain.” Since the water is completely clean and used untreated, it has a wonderful taste and quality, which Solem believes is just as good as the most exclusive bottled water. “This so-called raw water is not just for drinking; you also have the same quality water in the shower.”


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