Nestled in the wooded Lokadalen valley in the Bergslagen region of Northern Sweden, at Loka Brunn spa hotel, one can get back to nature while enjoying haute cuisine and swimming in a pool twinkling with reflections from a crystal chandelier.

Just a short hop from either Stockholm or Gothenburg airports, Loka Brunn is situated where the beautiful Norra and Södra lakes almost kiss. And the area, especially Loka Brunn, has been renowned for its therapeutic waters and fresh air since the 17th century.

Loka Brunn: Rest, relaxation and respite in Sweden’s lakes

Director Mia Spendrup explains: “we consider ourselves as caretakers. We look after the heritage of the site and speak to the future of sustainability. Loka Brunn is where people have enjoyed serenity and vitality for many hundreds of years.”

Loka Brunn and its sister company Grythyttan’s Gästgivaregård are meeting places for both private individuals and business customers. “We offer our guests packages that include accommodation, meals and in some cases a spa experience in the Water Salon. We also offer meeting rooms and conditions for successful meetings,” adds Mia.

Loka Brunn: Rest, relaxation and respite in Sweden’s lakes

Despite its long history of serving aristocrats, Loka Brunn and its sister brands take the preservation of the surrounding environment seriously, as they are of national historical interest. “We must minimize the environmental impact around Loka Brunn and Grythyttan’s Gästgivaregård and actively protect the unique environment and its nature. Large parts of our operations are conducted within a water protection area. Today, we cooperate with control authorities and other stakeholders for sustainable development in our areas,” says Mia.

Aside from the grandiose inside pool, outside, you will find an area with three larger and two smaller pools, all with breathtaking views of Lake Norra Loken. Guests can also rest for a while in the serenity of Gläntan or order something good to drink and eat from the spa menu. For those wishing to work out, a well-equipped gym is available.

Mia has a message for visitors: “even today, Loka Brunn is a place for meetings, relaxation and recreation. You, too, are welcome to draw strength from us.”

Loka Brunn: Rest, relaxation and respite in Sweden’s lakes

Director Mia Spendrup.


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