Love’n Layer provides the perfect manicure in an instant and their ground-breaking Layers are the perfect solution for people looking for sustainable, fashionable and long-lasting nails. The company has grown exponentially, and awards, collaborations as well as a long, impressive list of customers are clear indicators that this business is doing it right.

Love’n Layer is the company providing home manicures and pedicures, whose secret formula, developed and tested for years, became the perfect antidote to an otherwise stagnant nail polish industry.

When Founder Ida Thern was advised to stay at home during her second pregnancy in the lockdown of 2020, she was determined to find a solution. “I couldn’t go to the salon and needed an alternative at home. I realised how little was happening in the nail polish industry. While we go vegan and organic and create sustainable solutions in every other market, the nail-polish world has remained full of toxic, carcinogenic chemicals that are harmful to humans and nature. I started experimenting and developing my own recipe, and after much research, I found the perfect solution. Love’n Layers launched in October 2021 and sold products worth 7,000 Euros within the first 20 minutes,” Thern says.

Love’n Layer: Nailing it

Non-toxic and long-lasting

Love’n Layers is all about a smart alternative to standard nail polish, powered by a complex formula and technological solutions. Nails can be done in minutes to a salon standard, and if needed, peeled off without damaging the nails underneath. A hard Layer is applied to the nail and fixed underneath a UV LED light, a process that takes no more than three minutes, but which yields results which last an average of three weeks or longer, depending on what the hands are subjected to.

A vast collection of designs is available and continuously refreshed to adapt to seasons and trends. “We’re shaking up the business by providing nail polish that consists of non-toxic components, colour pigments that don’t cause harm, and by always choosing quality and sustainable materials to create long-lasting products,” says Thern.

Love’n Layer: Nailing it

Founder Ida Thern.

Innovation paving the way for success

The interest was there from the very beginning and grew even stronger when the biggest TV channels in Sweden chose Love’n Layer for their productions. The nails of Idol-contestants, Nobel Prize presenters and Melodifestivalen winners were all adorned by Layers in various colours and designs.

“Thanks to the simple application, durability and easy removal if needed, it’s been a hit in environments where quick changes are necessary and where immaculate nails, part of a striking outfit, are in focus in front of millions of people on the TV screen,” says Thern.

Despite its youth, the company has already won two awards: Innovation of the Year 2021 from Stockholm Beauty Week; and Nail Product of the Year from Aftonbladet’s beauty editor. A big milestone was when Swedish beauty giant Lyko approached the company to become partners, and Lyko now owns 40 per cent while Thern remains the main owner. “Lyko is a fantastic company to be a part of, with an established name in Sweden and various other European countries.

They got in touch just four months after our launch and the partnership became public in June 2022. Despite our relatively brief period together it’s turned out to be a perfect match and I can’t wait to see where our joint path will take us in the future,” says Thern.

Love’n Layer Nailing it Scan Magazine

Full speed ahead

So, what lies ahead for a company that has experienced such monumental growth in a short space of time? “We want to continue to grow with Lyko, and we want to become a 100 million dollar company. We’ve already got a big following around Scandinavia and in various European countries, but we want to establish a bigger market on this continent and then take on the US,” says Thern.

The endeavour to create a better option for their customers is constantly evolving, with new approaches to better products always under scrutiny, and new nail designs not just following, but setting trends. “We’re a solution for people who don’t want or have time to go to the nail salon, with results that are turning out just as good or even better than the salon standard. Thanks to the technology that we use and our unparalleled formula, we’re able to provide a product that has revolutionised the entire industry,” Thern concludes. By the sounds of it, she has really hit the nail on the head!

Love’n Layer: Nailing it

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