When Monika Berg and her husband Lukas’ oldest daughter started to fear the monsters hiding in the dark corners of her bedroom, they needed to come up with a solution to make bedtimes easier. This was the start of an adventure that turned into Lumimi, a family business selling handmade children’s night lamps that tickle kids’ imaginations and bring comfort to dark nights.

The very first Lumimi children’s lamp, in the shape of a unicorn, was created by combining carpenter Lukas’ skills, Monika’s talent for drawing and love of bright colours, and the couple’s desire to help their daughter not fear the dark in her bedroom. “A handmade night lamp made by mum and dad helped, luckily,” Berg laughs. Since then, the couple’s business has grown, and they now make children’s lamps by hand in their home in Larvik, Norway.

Made from solid pinewood, the lamp designs are sanded by hand and then painted with a toxin-free Jotun SENS paint that is made in Sandefjord, not far from Larvik. “Choosing a local product that was 100 per cent safe for children was important to us, so the SENS paint, which is also recommended by the Norwegian Asthma and Allergy Association, was a natural choice for us as it contains no solvents and has no strong smell,” Berg explains.

Lumimi is kitted out with dimmable LED lights and a rechargeable battery. All lamps have been CE labelled to ensure that all the safety standards that apply in the EEA are met. For the couple, sustainability and safety were of utmost importance when designing the night lamps, and everything down to the smallest detail has been carefully thought of to ensure the safety of little ones. They wanted to choose solutions that were as environmentally friendly as possible. That’s why Lumimi’s lamps come in plastic-free packaging. “Small changes can have a big impact, and we want our products to do as little polluting as possible,” Berg says.

With unique, handmade designs, Lumimi’s lamps will provide a warm and fun addition to a child’s room. “We want to share a bit of magic, and produce night lamps for kids that will last their whole childhood. As parents, we want to teach our kids to find beauty in long-lasting quality, instead of cheap, mass-produced items that only last a short while,” Berg continues. “We wanted our lamps to provide a warm, loving light that can be dimmed so as not to disturb that all-important good night’s sleep.”

Lumimi: Lighting up kids’ imaginations

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