Wildflowers, the beach, the scent of fresh roses – nothing inspires Helle Nørrevang more than the breathtaking nature of Sejerø. Each soap, shampoo bar and lip balm is made in her home on this charming island.

The story of Lundegaardens began by coincidence, when Helle Nørrevang’s daughter wanted to make a personal Christmas gift for her grandmother. Together, they ended up making her a soap, and Nørrevang had such a pleasant time making the soap that she decided to make more.

Soon, she had a blooming business with soaps, shampoo and conditioner bars, a line of baby products and much more. “I’m inspired by the beautiful nature here on Sejerø, which shines through in every product. Since day one, it has been very important to me that my products are sustainable, honest, organic when possible, and kind to both our skin and the planet,” says Nørrevang, founder of Lundegaardens.

Each product is produced on the picturesque island of Sejerø, in Nørrevang’s own home. The production is 100 per cent powered by the family’s two windmills and solar panels, the products contain no sulphates, and they are all mostly biodegradable. “We don’t need all these toxins in our skincare products. Nature has everything we need,” she says.

Recently, Lundegaardens also launched a line of baby products with organic sea buckthorn, which works wonders for baby rashes. The line came about when Nørrevang needed an ointment for her own son’s rashes when he was a baby.

Lundegaardens have even got a range of various bamboo products, too, made in collaboration with a sustainable family business.

Lundegaardens: Skincare made on a small island with love and green energy

Lundegaardens’ unscented Hair Crystal Bar won a shampoo bar test in Politiken in 2020.

Web: www.lundegaardens-hudpleje.dk
Facebook: Lundegaardens
Instagram: @lundegaardens

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