Far north, well within the Arctic Circle, it is past midnight, but the sun has yet to set. And it will be several weeks until it does. For about two months, the sun will stay above the horizon. It moves around the snow-capped mountains, sparkling sun light reflecting off the blue water.

Norway is known for fjords and mountains, and there is no better time to enjoy them than during the summer months with the midnight sun. Many outdoor activities are reliant on daylight, as they are just not safe after the sun sets.

Lyngenfjord - experience Arctic nature under the midnight sun

Mountain biking. Experience the midnight sun. Photo: Visit Lygenfjord

In Lyngenfjord, you need 24 hours of daylight, as there are just so many exciting things to do. The Lyngen Alps are possibly at their most impressive when viewed from the water. Rent a kayak for the day and explore the waters and shorelines – an up-close and personal meeting with nature. Or, if you prefer being on bigger boats, try a midnight sun cruise. You might get to see dolphins, puffins or even a whale.

Lyngenfjord - experience Arctic nature under the midnight sun

Kayaking in Lyngenfjord . Photo: Visit Lyngenfjord

If you like a physical challenge, mountain biking might be for you. The Alpine mountains have trails for experienced bikers and beginners alike. The beautiful scenery forces you to take breaks to fully enjoy it; the view you get from the top makes it all worth it, along with, of course, the thrilling ride down.

Lyngenfjord truly is a nature lovers’ paradise, with activities to suit all ages, interests and physical levels.

Lyngenfjord - experience Arctic nature under the midnight sun

The Lyngen Alps.

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