T here are some things you can easily buy online. Lamps are not one of them. The reason for this is that finding the right lamp is not just about the aesthetics of the lamp; it is also about identifying the most functional, comfortable and ambient light. Owned and headed by Hanne Purup, a light enthusiast with 30 years of experience in her field, Lystorvet in Aarhus does just that.

With a selection of around 20 different top-end Danish and international brands, Lystorvet in Frederiksbjerg, Aarhus, offers many good reasons to stop by. However, it is not the lamps that attract most customers, but the expertise of the owner and her sales team. “Many customers come to our shop because they’ve made a mistake when buying a lamp online. It’s not like buying a dress; lighting is complicated,” says Purup. “A lot of people end up with something that doesn’t work because they are attracted by a beautiful design but forget to think about its use, and that’s a shame, because you can easily end up spending 5,000 or 6,000 Danish kroner (575 to 690 GBP) on the wrong lamp.”

To ensure that customers make the right choice, Lystorvet offers a range of services, from individual in-store guidance to home visits (free with purchase) and, if still in doubt, customers can take the lamp in question home for a test before purchasing.

Lystorvet | Throwing light on the perfect lamp | Scan Magazine

The real attraction of Lystorvet is owner Hanne Purup’s knowledge and experience, gathered through 30 years in the industry.

Classic or modern

When it comes to lighting, many classic Danish designs are renowned and revered all over the world. Designers such as Poul Henningsen (PH) and Arne Jacobsen (both designed for Louis Poulsen) have created timeless designs that continue to be many light professionals’ favourites, not just because of their beautiful, simple aesthetics, but because of the designers’ dedication to lighting. “The way they worked with light makes a significant difference. At the dinner table, for instance, you might have a little one who is sitting at an entirely different angle than the rest of the family, and with many lamps they will be blinded by the light source – but not with the classic designs. They have a clear advantage in that regard,” explains Purup. “But we also have a lot of very talented new Danish designers, like Louise Campbell, Rikke Frost and Cecilie Manz, who all make very nice things, also light-wise.”

Consequently, Lystorvet presents a selection of both classic and modern Danish designs, as well as a number of recognised international brands.

Lystorvet | Throwing light on the perfect lamp | Scan Magazine

Finding ‘the one’

When choosing a lamp for a specific space, there are three main criteria to take into consideration on top of the attractiveness of the design itself – the function of the room, the desired ambiance, and the comfort of the people using the space. To make sure that customers make the right choice, Lystorvet’s team of sales assistants try to identify all three. “We have perfected the art of giving our customers a little nudge in the right direction. In the living room, for instance, a lot of people choose a metal lamp with a light that only travels down, and that won’t create a nice ambiance – you need a bit of both,” says Purup. “Therefore, we invite people to bring a sketch of their living room or kitchen into the store, so that we can help them find the right match, and then to bring home and test the lamp. That way, they can actually experience the light in the room before making a final decision.”

In addition to guiding customers to ‘the one’ in the world of lamps, Purup and her team can also help them make the most of their choice by guiding them towards the right light source, something that can make a big difference but is often not a great priority in the sales process. “We often suggest something different, and that’s something we get a lot of praise for,” says Purup, and rounds off: “I guess it’s because, today, a lot of people working in sales are not really specialised or trained, and that’s a shame; to me, making sure that people go home with the right choice is a matter of pride.”

Lystorvet | Throwing light on the perfect lamp | Scan Magazine

Facts about Lystorvet:
Lystorvet was established by Hanne Purup in 2010. Purup has worked with lighting for more than 30 years and has received specialist training within the industry. The 150-square-metre shop is located in Frederiks Alle, Frederiksbjerg, Aarhus, a ten-minute walk from the central station in Aarhus. There is free street parking (for 30 minutes) outside the shop. The shop carries a selection of around 15 to 20 high-end lighting brands, such as Louis Poulsen, Le Klinz, Frits Hansen, Artemide, Flos, Foscarini, Gubi, Piet Hein, and Modi Form.

Web: lystorvet.dk

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