Based in Oslo in Norway, Korridor is an event-organising agency offering the full package, from start to finish. Whether it’s a simple dinner or an extravagant gala, Korridor aims to both please and impress with creativity, quality and sustainability in mind.

At the age of seven, Tone Bjørtuft Aursnes hosted her first event. Despite not even having all her teeth yet, the little girl rearranged the furniture and produced baked goods and juice for the 12 guests she had invited to her childhood bedroom. Years later, Tone is the founder, manager and senior project leader at Korridor.

Tone started Korridor Event in 2012 after selling her first event planning agency, which she established at 27, still fresh out of university. “I’ve spent large parts of my life in event planning, and I honestly couldn’t imagine it any other way,” she says. “It’s a part of my DNA, probably because I get a kick out of making others happy.” Today, Korridor provides high-quality event planning services to a large range of clients, from small independent businesses to large international brands.

Make it hassle-free with Korridor Event

It’s all in the details. Photo: Stall Anvik

Effortlessly fun!

Brainstorming, planning, decorating, producing… though planning and hosting an event can be a lot of fun, it undoubtedly includes a few headache-inducing steps.

“If our clients are stressed, run around like headless chickens trying to fix everything, or worry about whether their event plans will go ahead seamlessly, we haven’t done our job. A client should never feel anxious about a forthcoming event, and they never do. Feeling relaxed and secure about our delivery is a large part of our service. We´ve got everything covered, from start to finish,” says Tone.

Even after making all the necessary arrangements, Korridor’s producers are on hand at each event to keep everything in check and to see the event through. That way, clients can enjoy their events without having to worry about anything, and will find the whole process effortless and fun.

Live event artist Lucy McLoughlin. Photo: Roza Pixel

Live event artist Lucy McLoughlin. Photo: Roza Pixel

Quality, passion and sustainability

Tone describes quality as Korridor’s biggest area of focus and priority. Their goal is not simply to deliver according to the agreement, but to impress their clients. “With our events, there’s not a single second left to chance. We plan everything from start to finish, always aiming to deliver a little extra,” she says.

The staff at Korridor like to create and host events that impress, inspire and bring people together. But despite their grand aspirations, their focus never strays from their main goal. “We’ve never had a goal to become Norway’s largest event firm, or the agency with the craziest ideas. We just want to be a reliable partner who always delivers on what we promise, and more.”

Make it hassle-free with Korridor Event

Tone Bjørtuft Aursnes. Photo: Karina Lange

Every project at Korridor is a brand new one, with its own style and identity. Therefore, it’s important that those working on the projects are passionate about what they do. “The staff at Korridor are very passionate about and invested in their projects, which definitely improves the quality. Because we want the best potential outcome, we create safe, communicative spaces for everyone involved in the process, from the client to the supplier and staff.”

Events, no matter the size, can result in a lot of waste. Throughout her career, Tone has prioritised sustainability, focusing on reusing and recycling, as well as working with sustainable suppliers with the same values.

“As an events business, being sustainable involves using reusable or recycled, long-lasting equipment and high-quality materials, as well as travelling and transporting with electric vehicles and working with sustainable collaborators,” she says. “For example, our print supplier makes sure to climate-compensate every order, and contributes to tree-planting in the west of Norway. We love supporting other businesses that care about the environment.”

Another issue in the industry is food waste. It can be difficult to calculate the amount of food that needs to be prepared, especially for open events with an unpredictable number of attendants. “Fortunately, years of experience has given us good insight into the no-show percentages of different events, and we work with that when we order food,” she says. “As often as possible, we also donate any leftovers to institutions that are willing to receive it and who have systems in place for it.”

Tone explains that Korridor are always doing their best to reduce their carbon footprint. She stresses that sustainability has always been and continues to be a priority, and they continuously work towards being better as a sustainable business.

Make it hassle-free with Korridor Event

Left: Dagny, performing. Photo: Roza Pixel. Right: Set table close-up. Photo: Tone Aursnes

The art of entertaining

Tone’s affinity and passion for hosting and organising is not limited to corporate or business-to-business events. During the pandemic, she had extra time on her hands for the first time in two decades, which sparked a brand-new idea.

“The concept You’re invited/The art of entertaining teaches private individuals about the art of entertaining. I share my knowledge and give tips and tricks that hopefully make hosting a little less stressful,” she explains.

Not everyone considers themself a naturally gracious host. Some prefer to leave those tasks to others. For those who wish to host, but do not know exactly where to start, Tone’s new platform might be the solution. “This is for everyone, from people who would like to start hosting more from the comfort of their own homes, to those who might have had the Christmas duties thrust upon them.” Her schedule might be busy, but Tone is dedicated to teaching others about her passion, proving that anyone can create their own dream event.

Make it hassle-free with Korridor Event

Left: Only the finest tableware. Photo: Tone Aursnes. Right: Live event artist Lucy McLoughlin.

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