Norway-based Arctic Whale Tours spreads knowledge and safeguards animal welfare through thrilling adventures at sea. From whale safaris to smaller-scale whale watching, the company provides guests with the amazing opportunity to observe marine animals in their natural habitat.

On the northern tip of the beautiful, mountainous island, Langøya, rests a quiet fishing village famous for its whale-watching activities since the 90s. Proud to continue the tradition of the area, the people behind Arctic Whale Tours offer exciting sea adventures and chances to spot some of Norway’s wild whale populations year-round.

The tours offer the best of the North Norwegian seasons, with guests exploring Vesterålen during the summer season and Tromsø in the winter.

Make memories for life with Arctic Whale Tours

“This season, we’re offering daily whale safaris from Tromsø. Being the smallest boat doing regular whale watching from Tromsø, we’re a great option for those wanting a smaller scale whale-watching experience,” says Hannaleena Väisänen, guide at Arctic Whale Tours.

Though a small company, Arctic Whale Tours has been able to establish itself and find its niche in Tromsø, a big destination for winter tourism. Even there, each whale sighting is a unique experience.

“The whales themselves offer endless surprises; we’ve never had two trips that were the same,” says Väisänen.

She explains that the crew of Arctic Whale Tours are highly passionate about their work, and that every day at sea is an adventure for them too. Because of this, they work hard to minimize the impact on wildlife.

“We are visitors to their homes,” she says. “We like to take our time with both people and whales and want to offer everyone the very best possible experience,” she says.

Make memories for life with Arctic Whale Tours

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