Do you want a nappy bag that can also be used as your work bag? Toys and products that help with your child’s development? Of course you do. With Manostiles, this is exactly what you get. The products are designed for everyday life with kids and can be used again and again.

When asked what inspires her, Mette Lindeberg does not give the standard answer, like magnificent nature or grand architecture. “I am inspired by my daily walks and runs. All the animals of the forest inspire me: hedgehogs, deer, ladybugs… The trees, the sky, and the ocean. Nordic nature really shines through in my designs,” says Lindeberg, founder of Manostiles.

A mother of six children, Lindberg knows first-hand how important it is that products are multi-functional and that they can stand the test of time. “My nappy bag can also be used as a work bag. So, when you’re done using it as a nappy bag, you can use it for your laptop,” she explains.

Manostiles was also the first on the market to create a baby nest that can be used until the child is 2.5 years old. You can easily unzip the baby nest and bring it from the stroller to the bed.

Products that speak to the senses

At Manostiles, you’ll also find a collection of children’s dining products. They are made of silicone and sort of stick to the table. Should they be dropped on the floor, there’s no need to worry; they will not break.

“This collection is made so that children can touch, taste and see the food themselves. It is crucial that children use their senses and the parents don’t take over, as that hinders children’s development,” says Lindeberg.

You’ll also find bed linen made from organic cotton that has a cooling effect, which improves sleep, and it can be washed again and again. In addition, Manostiles makes an abundance of toys that will help with the development of your child.

To avoid waste, Manostiles only produces a limited number of each item, to avoid over-production. “I work with small productions in India, and I visit the people I work with often to make sure that everything is of the highest possible quality. I want to make sure that I can vouch for every single product I sell,” Lindeberg asserts.

Manostiles: Sustainable, functional, and creative –children’s products made with passion and love

If you are a retailer and interested in exclusively stocking Manostiles, you can contact Mette Lindeberg directly.

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