I n a world where our resources are limited, it is important to think about how to make the most of what we have. The Danish company Mater took matters into their own hands with their line of conscious, ethical and beautifully crafted furniture and lighting.

In 2006, Henrik Marstrand took a hard look at the many industries turning to more conscious and ethical production, and found that within furniture and lighting, no one was really doing much. “This was our opportunity. We wanted to be different and create something that would be beautiful, that would last, but that also carried with it a good story about where it started its life,” explains Marstrand.

Today, Mater works with designers and producers across the world. “Designers often come to us with ideas about designs and materials, and then we work with them to make their visions come to life.”

Mater Design

Transparent and timeless
Most importantly, the piece needs to be functional and beautiful. “For us, sustainability doesn’t mean reducing your life quality or compromising on design, but it means that the product you have bought hasn’t negatively impacted on a climatic or societal level.”

Mater has spent many years finding producers across the world who know exactly what to do with a particular material. “We work closely with smaller workshops in Slovenia, who can do amazing things with FSC certified wood and get LEDs from Poland and Portugal to put in our lamps,” says Marstrand. “Ultimately, we’re honest about what we put into our products. All our products have an agenda where responsibility is the top priority, and really what we want to create are beautiful things that people can have in their home, which they’ll still enjoy in 20 years’ time.”

Mater Design

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