Meira Rauta is a Helsinki-based jewellery designer who is fascinated by the smooth and sleek geometry in traditional jewellery-making. Her designs explore the constant dialogue that she sees between miniature sculpture and jewellery.

Meira Rauta stumbled upon jewellery-making by accident. “I never thought I’d become a jewellery maker and artist, but as soon as I discovered it, I knew it was my thing. And so a jewellery maker and artist is what I became, and it’s what I’ve been doing since 2008,” she explains.

Meira Rauta: Jewellery as an artform: An intricate decoration for the body

One of Rauta’s jewellery series, titled ‘Portti22’, was selected as one of ten finalists in the ‘Jewellery of the Year 2022 in Finland’ competition. The collection’s timeless designs are simplistic yet elegant, and beautifully geometric. The earrings can be worn individually, or attached to pendant parts. They can also be placed on a chain and worn as a necklace.

Rauta’s jewellery draws inspiration from Finland’s nature, sometimes utilising wood and other natural items and materials. She often begins new projects by simply touching the materials. “By rolling the materials in my hands, I get a feel for them, and an idea of the jewellery starts to form in my mind. I’m fascinated by contrasts and different shapes,” Rauta says.

Meira Rauta: Jewellery as an artform: An intricate decoration for the body

The sculpturally elegant Two Worlds silver ring is designed to emphasise the beauty of the stone, made from a copper-ceramic mixture. The ring sits comfortably between two fingers.

She finds herself repeatedly returning to the dialogue between jewellery and miniature sculpture; she is drawn to the idea that jewellery can serve as a beautiful, decorative object when it is not being worn. Take, for example, her work ‘Aloe’, which was a turning point in her career. “I quickly realised that the concept of art jewellery is extremely broad. My work in ‘Aloe’ does not fit into the traditional mould of jewellery. Instead, it’s more like an intricate work of art.” Rauta’s jewellery will be on display in an exhibition in Helsinki’s Winter Garden next year.

In her ice jewellery series, she wanted to explore fleeting art, which can only be worn and enjoyed for a moment. Making the jewellery requires that the outside temperature drops to around minus-20 degrees centigrade. “I wanted to create jewellery that would be simultaneously big, delicate and showy,” she explains.

“All my jewellery designs have been made with a deep love and respect for my craft,” she concludes.

Meira Rauta: Jewellery as an artform: An intricate decoration for the body

The silver Portti22 earrings belong to the jewellery series with which Meira Rauta participated in the Jewellery of the Year 2022 competition. The jewellery made it to the top ten finalists. The earrings can be worn as individual stud earrings, or a pendant attachment can be added to both studs, or just one. The pendant part can also be put on a chain and worn as a necklace.

Instagram: @meirarauta_jewelry

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