After several years in the industry, Michelsens saw the need in the market for a player who could deliver floors, doors and staircases produced from the same raw material. They saw the need for a holistic approach.

When planning their new house, most people begin with the kitchen or the bathroom. Those two rooms seem to be the most expensive and urgent to fix, so it makes sense to begin with them. Or does it?

What if we’ve gotten it all wrong from the beginning? What if the very way we think about interior design and the refurbishing of our house needs to be flipped on its head?

“If you are a painter, you start with the landscape before you paint the moon or the sun. It’s actually the same with a house, because it’s the flooring, the ceiling, the staircase and the doors that are the real furniture of the house, so those are the things you should pay more attention to,” explains Nina Michelsen.

Together with her husband, Morten Michelsen, Nina Michelsen founded the multidisciplinary company Michelsens in 2014. Located in Bergen, the couple boasted extensive experience from the design and wood industries and saw a different way of doing things in order to make the entire process easier for the clients. Instead of having to contact three different manufacturers when deciding on what type of floor, doors and perhaps staircase they need for their house, they can now go to Michelsens, who offer a more integrated solution.

“For some reason, I don’t see anyone else out there offering the same thing we do. Our approach is very holistic. It makes it easier for our clients, but it also gives a better end result. By using the same raw material for all our products, you’ll get a more integrated look in your house. If you pick these things separately, although it’s the same material or sort, there is no guarantee that the doors will actually match the staircase. Everything we do is made of wood, and it’s as beautiful inside as it is outside,” says Nina Michelsen.

Michelsens also have a passion for compact living projects, where there is a focus on urbanisation, fewer square metres per inhabitant, a market need with growing demand and requirements for a higher degree of utilisation, multi-functionality, quality, craftsmanship and sustainability.

They produce and deliver products with craftsmanship quality across all production stages, and the interior components are of high material quality. The tailor-made solutions for kitchens, wardrobes, shelf systems and more are 100 per cent unique and adapted to each client’s project with agreed qualities, surface treatments and details.

Michelsens: A holistic solution and a new way of thinking

The conscious choice

‘Elements of wood’ is the name of the collection that Michelsens have been working on for years, launching earlier this year. It includes floors, doors, staircases, panels and tables. With the product collection, Michelsens want to be as attractive to the private market as to the professional market, where architecture offices are the main target audience. They aim to be a valuable partner within a market that shares their passion and understanding of the industry and end result.

The wood collection takes care of important details such as the matching colour of doorsills, steps and floors, with the same use of raw materials and surface treatment across all components. The idea is to showcase the perfection of nature and encourage sustainable interaction with the environment.

“Early on, we decided not to use plastic in our designs and products. We care about the environment, and that’s why we also use every last part of the wood, so nothing is wasted. Trees are more valuable than ever, not just because of the price, so we make a virtue out of explaining to our clients how unique each piece is, and how, if used correctly, it can tell its own story in a house,” Nina Michelsen explains.

The Norwegian interior design company imports its wood from FSC and PEFC-certified European forests that are sustainably managed, and the oil and glue used for its products comply with the strict European rules for a healthy indoor climate.

Michelsens spends a lot of time working on those little details that customers only notice when using their products – but they never lose sight of the bigger picture. “As a customer of Michelsens, you will be assigned a dedicated team including a project manager, an interior architect and a technical draftsman, who follow your project all the way from the beginning and to the end. The team will take care of the entire process, keep you updated and manage continuous progress. We believe in a personal and passionate collaboration working towards a proud result, and we enjoy working closely together with our clients. It’s really a journey within design, processing, producing and installing,” Nina Michelsen concludes.

Michelsens: A holistic solution and a new way of thinking

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