“Our mission is to create hearing protection that users enjoy wearing, and which provides real protection for the sense of hearing,” says Tom Trones, chief product officer at Minuendo.

The world can be a noisy place. Minuendo wants you to enjoy the sounds without damaging your hearing. Founded in 2018 by a team of four with experience in acoustics, hearing protection and product development, Minuendo creates solutions for professionals and consumers alike, ranging from musicians to construction workers.

The first Minuendo Lossless earplugs were designed with musicians and concert-goers in mind. “The number of professional musicians suffering from hearing loss and tinnitus is higher than in any other profession,” says Trones.

Forget the foamy little sticky things you get for free at concerts; Minuendo earplugs offer an experience that’s quite the opposite. “Our earplugs are designed for a great live listening experience – without compromising on safety. The technology allows the wearer to adjust the amount of sound on a scale from open to close, while keeping the sound quality natural and clear,” says Trones.

Thanks to patented membrane technology, Minuendo earplugs achieve a frequency response on par with custom-moulded musicians’ earplugs. All Minuendo creations are designed and manufactured in Norway and sold globally.

Minuendo: Uncompromising enjoyment of sound

Not only for musicians and music lovers

Now, Minuendo is expanding its repertoire with a new Smart Alert earplug. “We use much of the same approach and technology, aimed towards a new audience: the construction industry. Like musicians, industrial and construction workers are severely affected by hearing injuries,” says Trones.

Typically, in this industry, ear protectors tend to be worn on top of the helmet instead of directly on the head. Therefore, Minuendo has developed an innovative pair of earplugs featuring active noise monitoring that continuously checks the amount of noise that enters the ear. Accordingly, the plugs warn the wearer of harmful sound levels. Users receive daily text messages or emails with reports on their exposure. The messages also feature suggestions on how to decrease the exposure.

“A lot of people struggle to judge when noise becomes harmful. That’s why our earplugs will feature an objective warning system. They can be used while communicating, and wearers avoid feeling isolated in environments where it is important to be aware of your surroundings,” Trones says of their latest innovation, the Smart Alert earplugs.

Minuendo: Uncompromising enjoyment of sound

Web: www.minuendo.com

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