MNY Architects’ Mathias Nyström is experienced in working with unique, small-scale projects, as well as complex larger developments with various collaborators. The starting point for each project is simple: sustainable and natural materials and an ecological approach to building. These ingredients are the stuff that dreams are made of.

For studio founder Mathias Nyström, less is more: “I tend to favour simple wooden structures over ones with many components. It makes sense from a user-friendliness viewpoint, but also in terms of possible future repurposing,” he says.

MNY Architects: Where simplicity meets sustainability

Åkerudden misty day.

He takes pride in treating clients’ wishes with the utmost care, and being able to tune into what their needs are – at times putting it into words even better than the clients themselves. “I like to maintain a constant dialogue with the clients about their wishes and goals. I don’t consider myself a great artist who is in this to fulfill my own dreams – I offer my expertise and artistic vision to help others create their dream houses,” Nyström explains.

MNY Architects designed Åkerudden, a single-family home located on the shore of a small lake in Tenala, Finland. The cornerstones of the project were authenticity and locality – both of which have found expression in the final design. The space feels vast, airy and light thanks to the use of locally-sourced wood, which has been left untreated, as well as large windows to maximise natural light.

Another interesting project is Two Sisters in Salo, Finland, where MNY Architects designed a holiday home for (yes, you guessed it) two sisters. “The brief was to create a place where some spaces would be shared, while also allowing the option for privacy: together, but separate. The two homes share some indoor space, but the majority of the common space is located outdoors,” Nyström explains.

MNY Architects: Where simplicity meets sustainability

Project Å, a single-family home in Raseborg. Visualisation by Aisto

Soon, the architecture firm will be working on a project in Ekenäs old town, which is protected by the Finnish National Board of Antiquities. The construction will be a big challenge, due to the cultural and historical significance of the iconic old part of the town, which is known for its wooden houses and a town structure dating back to the mid-1500s. Nyström highlights the importance of respecting the traditional designs of the existing houses. “It’s not a case of copying the old designs, but you have to stay humble and respect the surroundings. This is something I live by and apply to all my projects,” he concludes.

MNY Architects: Where simplicity meets sustainability

Sauna, hand-hewn log, located in Ekenäs archipelago. Visualisation by Aisto

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