A summer house with soul that brings together the family – romantic and traditional, yet modern and harmonious. That is Mønhuset: a house that connects nature and humans. The architects at Lykke+Nielsen on Møn work tirelessly to create something new within the traditional, in both summer houses and old, historic buildings across Denmark. And soon, they will be laying the foundation for ‘the Maldives of Møn’, a holiday village with 500 cottages, 25 of which will be on the sea.

The tingling sensation of winter frost on your skin on a crystal clear day in a winter wonderland. Snuggling up with a fluffy blanket, a cuppa and a good book while listening to the calming sound of rain against the window and rustling leaves on a chilly autumn day. The smell of freshly cut grass on a warm summer’s day. Bring back your childhood memories from days spent in a summer house with Mønhuset, summer houses that will (re)connect you with nature.

“Mønhuset is a place to switch off – a summer house where humans, houses, and nature coexist in harmony. It is a place to get lost in thoughts, have an in-nature experience, and just be in the present moment,” says Bent Lykke, founder and owner of Lykke+Nielsen Arkitekter and Mønhuset.

Mønhuset is a summer house for warmth, cosiness and lovely experiences. The houses are designed and built to be used year round, mixing the modern and sustainable with the traditional and romantic.

“Inspired by traditional and historic farmhouses, we have designed a summer house that will fit in with any surrounding. Our summer houses are not grand houses that scream for attention; they just naturally blend into the surroundings, while being both contemporary and traditional, with high-quality materials. You will always be able to recognise Mønhuset,” explains Lykke.

A holiday village in an old sugarcane mill

From summer houses to ‘the Maldives of Møn’, Lykke+Nielsen Arkitekter likes to keep busy with exciting projects. ‘The Maldives of Møn’ is actually a nickname for a very interesting new project, named Sukkerfabrikken Møn (‘Sugarcane Mill Møn’), an enormous project that involves designing and building a holiday village with 500 cottages, 25 of which will be on the sea. Perhaps now you might see how the project got its nickname.

“Tourism is booming on Møn; however, we don’t have enough accommodation for all our guests. Sukkerfabrikken Møn will be a holiday village with cottages, cafés, activities, gardens and much more,” says Lykke.

A pier open to the public will lead you straight to the 25 water cottages. However, they won’t start laying the foundation until late summer this year, so you may have to contain your excitement a little longer.

As a guest in the holiday village Sukkerfabrikken Møn, you’ll get an idyllic experience, and a chance to experience everything Møn has to offer. From the majestic Møns Klint to the historic town of Stege, Møn has a rich cultural history and a myriad of outdoor activities. In fact, the nature of Møn is a UNESCO biosphere reserve. And should you get the urge to go shopping, Copenhagen is a mere hour away by car.

“Møn is a very special place with spectacular nature and a vibrant local community that welcomes tourists. The buildings carry valuable stories, which we have tried to preserve when designing the holiday village,” says Lykke.

Mønhuset: Architecture that embraces and works with its surroundings

Preserving history

The desire to preserve the history, culture and tradition that so many old buildings and properties contain is not exclusive to the holiday village. One of the specialities of Lykke+Nielsen Arkitekter is restoring old, historic buildings, some of which are listed buildings.

“Old buildings have patina, history and stories to tell. As humans, it makes us feel safe. We seek out historic places and buildings; no one visits the suburbs of Rome, we all gather in the historic city centre. We like all the stories and tales and the history; it gives us identity. That’s what we aim to preserve when restoring old buildings,” explains Lykke.

But doing so requires finesse, attention to detail and expertise. You need solid knowledge of craftsmanship and building techniques, as things were done quite differently 100 years ago.

“You want to maintain the old details in the buildings – they’re what gives them quality and character. But to do so, you must know how they came about, especially when it comes to listed buildings. You have to work with the building, not against it,” says Lykke.

Lykke+Nielsen Arkitekter has helped restore a tower from the Middle Ages in Stege, several hotels and Ploughs Gaard in Copenhagen, to name but a few projects.

Mønhuset: Architecture that embraces and works with its surroundings

Mønhuset is founded and owned by Lykke+Nielsen Arkitekter. Mønhuset designs and builds summer houses, while Lykke+Nielsen Arkitekter takes on architecture projects.

Web: www.lykke-nielsen.dk

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