For a proper taste of the real Sweden – with a slice of its history, traditions, and culture – head to Mora in the region of Dalarna. Or more specifically, Mora Hotel & Spa. With its four stars and one-of-a-kind offering, this hotel is the ultimate base from which to explore the region.

First built in 1830 as a small and humble inn with space for resting guests and horses, Mora Hotel is today a Green Key-certified, first-class establishment with 135 rooms, some 300 beds, a restaurant, a bar with a cosy fireplace, and a spa. The Lund family has run the venue since 2018, and across everything the hotel offers, they place a great emphasis on maintaining a sense of the Dalarna region and celebrating its long history.

For instance, there’s a room at the hotel called ‘The Artist’, named after artist Anders Zorn who had his friends stay here when visiting in the late 19th century. These friends included some of Sweden’s most influential figures of the time, like Carl Larsson, Selma Lagerlöf, Prince Eugene and August Strindberg. “They used to meet here at the hotel, talking about all sorts of matters”, says site manager Patrick Lund. “It’s a lovely piece of trivia that really captures the essence of the hotel.

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A Certified Outdoor Hotel

History aside, Dalarna is a beautiful concoction of grand lakes, snowy winter peaks and nature reserves. In fact, Mora Hotel is a Certified Outdoor Hotel, with its very own outdoor manager to help guests make the most of nature. “Our outdoor manager has tons of knowledge and is on hand to help guests with any queries they have about outdoor activities, from hiking and cycling to skiing and snowshoe trekking,” says Lund.

What’s on?

Speaking of cycling, Dalarna is home to Lake Siljan and the popular bike race around it. Whether taking part in the race or biking for leisure, cyclists can follow the route while soaking up the views. You’ll also find lots of walking trails and skiing tracks around. After all, Mora is the finish line for Vasaloppet – the world’s biggest cross-country ski race which stretches 90 kilometres and will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2024.

The racing continues in summer with running and cycling events that attract thousands of sporting enthusiasts, like Ultravasan – a trail-running ultramarathon of 45 or 90 kilometres – not for the faint-hearted.

Mora is also a great place to experience a proper Swedish midsummer, with everything from traditional clothing to dancing around the maypole. And why not see for yourself how a classic Dalecarlian horse is made in Nusnäs village? You might recognise this wooden handicraft, traditionally red and intricately painted, as a symbol for Sweden and Dalarna.

Frozen or not, water is a key feature of the region and fishing, swimming and ice skating are just some popular watersports on offer here. And let’s not forget about the theme park Tomteland (which loosely translates as Santa’s Land), based on Scandinavian folklore. Using old tales as inspiration for five different theatrical settings, Tomteland is full of fantasy, sorcery, magic and fairytale characters. The kids will love it. Then, after a day of exploring, find zen in the hotel’s spa. With its range of soothing treatments offered by expert therapists, the spa is a terrific pitstop before grabbing a bite to eat.

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Wine and dine

Come dinnertime, opt for the hotel’s restaurant for a local taste of fine dining, with all food made from fresh produce and regional suppliers. “I would describe our menu as a fusion of Nordic flavours and Italian and French influences. We serve a creamy burrata from a local dairy producer, we get charcuterie from our local butcher Siljan’s Chark and cheese from Orsa nearby, and even have our own bakery,” explains Lund. When it comes to drinks and what to pair with food, the restaurant has two sommeliers to help you make the most of your dining experience.

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Mora Hotel is also a great choice for businesses looking to arrange off-site events, with capacity for corporate groups of between 4 and 100 people. However, the hotel can arrange space for up to 350 people if needed.

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There are four ready-made packages on offer, which all include high-quality audio and video equipment, but everything can be tailored to suit specific needs and requests. “We have an Outdoor Package where everything from PowerPoint presentations to activities take place outside. Then there’s our Gold Package which includes a wine tasting, spa, three-course dinner and lots more,” explains Lund. “There’s something for everyone.”

Visiting from abroad? Hop on a train from Stockholm Arlanda airport and you’ll arrive in Mora in three hours. And for a proper train adventure, book a ride on Inlandsbanan, starting off from Mora train station, to experience a stretch of the amazing Swedish inland.

More is more at Mora Hotel & Spa

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