Silje Bergsvik, founder of Bergen-based jewellery brand Morelle Design, is committed to exploring new forms of expression. Through her creative designs, she is pushing the limits of jewellery-making.

“I seek to work with jewellery in new ways and push limits for what’s possible for myself and my pieces, to expand the space for what jewellery can be,” Silje says. A classically trained goldsmith who studied at Alchimia Contemporary Jewellery School in Florence and attained a Masters in metal and jewellery art from Oslo National Academy of the Arts, Silje is unafraid to experiment.

Morelle Design: Trailblazing contemporary jewellery made to stand out

Left: Blå Timen was exhibited at Milano Jewelry Week in 2022. Right: Fargesprak explores the interplay between colour, shape and form.

Silje designs her jewellery digitally before laser cutting and using different handcrafting techniques to create each piece, exploring shapes, colours and stylistic expressions that intrigue her. “I’m fascinated by the process of combining technical, digital elements with hand-finishing to create the expression I’m looking for,” she says.

Morelle Design was chosen as ‘Artist Selected’ for the contemporary jewellery project Artistar Jewels. As the only designer from Norway to be honoured at this prestigious international showcase, Silje exhibited her work at Milano Jewelry Week in 2022. “My limited-edition collection Blå Timen was inspired by the winter twilight in Norway. I find light captivating, especially in the winter – I love the sharpness in the air and the impact it has on its surroundings,” she says.

Silje is currently working on a new collection of colourful, bold pieces. “I’m experimenting with more organic, free-flowing shapes, volume and colour combinations,” she says. “It’s important to me that my pieces are distinctive in their design and have a unique expression – they should stand out and be challenging.”

Morelle Design: Trailblazing contemporary jewellery made to stand out

Silje’s most recent work is Fargesprak, an exciting abstract collection that explores the interplay between colour, shape and form.

Instagram: @morelle_design
Facebook: Morellejewellerydesign

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