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Ever since James Dean introduced the world to the black leather jacket, it has been a fashion staple. For more than a decade, Stine Busk has been creating fashionable leather jackets as the designer and owner of Munderingskompagniet/MDK – a company based in Copenhagen, Denmark, and dedicated to the leather jacket.

“It’s incredible to see my designs when I cycle through Copenhagen on my daily commute. Even when I was in Aarhus over the weekend, I couldn’t help but spot people wearing the jackets. It’s exciting to see how people have embraced the designs and are using the jackets as intended – whenever and wherever,” says Busk.

MDK was set up ten months after Busk gave birth to her first child, as she wanted a more flexible job to fit around her new role as a mother. After pinning down on leather jackets, success followed quickly and, in just three years, MDK became the market leader in leather jackets in Denmark. MDK can now be found in shops throughout Denmark, the UK, South Korea, Ukraine, Sweden, Norway and the Netherlands.

Soft and comfortable

What sets MDK leather apart is the fact that it is soft, comfortable and timeless. “We’ve put a lot of focus, effort, time and money into making our leather as soft as we possibly can. We don’t want people to feel like they have to wear-in the jacket, so instead, we’ve chosen leather that is immediately comfortable.”

Twice a year, MDK brings out a new collection, all of which is designed by Busk. “I design clothes I actually like and would want to wear. I think it’s important to have that personal touch to it. It’s also lovely to see how the classic designs are used by different generations. My daughter who’s 12 and my mum who’s 73 both wear jackets that I’ve designed, so the age range is pretty broad.”

Durable design

The leather used by MDK is usually lamb’s leather sourced from Pakistan. “Just like we’ve spent a lot of time finding the softest leather, we’ve also spent a lot of time finding leather from a good producer. The leather we use is from animals that were eaten, so instead of having a wasted product, to ensure that the whole animal is used, we use the leather to create our goods. The producers have also been checked for quality and working conditions and are of the highest standards,” explains Busk.

The high quality of the leather can both be seen and felt. Many of the jackets Busk designed over a decade ago can still be seen worn today, so an MDK jacket is a forever piece, rather than something of a short-term purchase that inevitably ends up being thrown away.

Danes are known for wearing a lot of black, and it is a colour that is also close to Busk’s heart; she thinks of it as being the mix of all colours. Most of the designs are in classic, black leather, although other colours and suede are now also available – though most are in muted, classic colours because, as Busk says, “you want to be wearing the jacket, you don’t want the jacket to be wearing you.”

Something for the future

“I would love to see people buying less, but of a higher quality and therefore longer durability. Leather is a fabric that will last for many years, while maintaining its shape and look,” says Busk. “Of course, I’d suggest wearing a rain jacket when it’s raining, but leather can withstand quite a lot – especially if you take care of it and protect it.”

MDK makes both thick and thin jackets to account for the varying temperatures. In addition to leather jackets, some other products have also crept into the shop, including leather shirts, skirts and leggings.

“Honestly, the best thing about a leather jacket is the fact that you can use it whenever and however you want. It’s great for work throughout the day and then in the evening it can effortlessly fit over a dress to create a fantastic going-out look. It’s incredibly versatile, and everyone should have at least one at some point in their lives,” Busk concludes with a smile.

Shops in the UK selling MDK:

Iris Fashion, Hampstead, Queens Park, Chiswick, Amersham, Wimbledon

The Dressing Room, St Albans

Jane Davidson, Edinburgh

Tribeca, Brighton

Bernard Boutique, Esher

Gerrards, Reigate

Square Bath, Bath

The Clever Dresser, Sevenoaks

Feather & Stitch, Richmond

Choice Stores

Katie & Jo, London

Leaf, New Castle

Tuula, Alderley Edge

Cocaranti, Knutsford

Stick & Ribbon, Nottingham

Stripes Fashion, Worcester

Doodie Stark, Horsham

Amelie Fashion, Berkhampstead

Attic Womenswear, Ilkley

Just Fox, Leigh on Sea

Web: mdk-munderingskompagniet.com

Facebook: mdk.munderingskompagniet

Instagram: @munderingskompagniet_mdk

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