Have you ever searched for the perfect gift for an animal lover that seems to have everything? Look no further – My Pet Poster creates one-of-a-kind posters of people’s favourite pets in an artsy, Scandinavian, minimalist style.

Hand illustrated by founder Josefine Wikström Nilsson, the posters from My Pet Poster are perfect as timeless interior pieces in your home or as a personal gift to a friend that seems to have everything. Wikström Nilsson has artistry in her family and was painting for her own home and friends when she discovered the demand for a highly personalised yet stylish interior product. “I wanted to create something that turns a living space into a home,” she says. “The idea actually came from my fiancé and his love of animals. We could clearly see how people would love the idea of immortalising a favourite pet in an artistic way.”

The posters are made in the company’s own little printing office in Stockholm, which guarantees a high level of quality. “We enjoy making the posters locally and controlling the standard before shipping them ourselves,” Wikström Nilsson explains.

My Pet Poster | Scandinavian design for our four-legged friends, Scan Magazine

Custom-made artworks for everyone

Customer input is a huge part of My Pet Poster’s way of working, and every week, pet owners are welcome to vote for new breed illustrations on the brand’s Instagram account. “We constantly get requests for new breeds. Dogs and cats are popular, but we also get requests for turtles, horses and even mini pigs,” Wikström Nilsson smiles.

New illustrations are presented each Sunday on the company’s website, and once the consumers find their preferred illustration, they are asked to fill in a form with the pet’s name, date of birth and personality traits, which are then incorporated into the personalised poster, all unique and one of a kind.

New for this Christmas are poster frames that can be added directly to the order. The posters are also available in two different sizes, which makes it easy to find a suitable place for them in the home. “It is a lovely thing to be part of something that brings so much happiness and both emotional and symbolic value,” Wikström Nilsson sums up.

My Pet Poster | Scandinavian design for our four-legged friends, Scan Magazine

Web: mypetposter.se

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