Keen on fishing salmon in the queen of Norwegian rivers, the Namsen? Or on going hunting for moose and other game? Or maybe you want to put yourself to the test trying to reach a snow-covered peak? At Namsentunet, you can do all of that and more.

Built in 2012 as a traditional Norwegian farmhouse, Namsentunet lodging has been welcoming visitors from Norway and abroad for more than 10 years. Given the proximity to the river, fishing is one of the main activities guests come to enjoy. In the Namsen, you can catch both regular salmon and trout as well as a unique type of salmon called the “namsblank” – a salmon that never goes into the sea but stays in the same river throughout their lifetime.

Namsentunet: A lodge for true nature lovers

The Namsen is one of the best salmon rivers in Norway. Photo: Vetle Tobias Salberg

Your own smoked salmon?

Staff at Namsentunet organise fishing expeditions from land and from traditional boats. The latter is a highly efficient way of fishing that is recommended when the water in the river is high. They are also happy to smoke the salmon you catch and ship it to you when it’s done – the smoking process takes about seven days.

If you are keen to explore other activities, there is plenty to choose from. Hunting for different types of game, including moose and deer and birds such as grouse is a favourite, so are mushroom gathering and hiking trips to the nearby mountains. And if you want to try all of the above, that is no problem either.

“We provide each guest with a personalised package for their stay and make sure to accommodate all their wishes”, says Vetle Tobias Salberg, a member of the staff at Namsentunet.

While it is always possible to hunt for moose, ptarmiga, and other forest birds, you can also ask staff to facilitate different types of hunting, such as deer, grouse, and beaver.

Namsentunet: A lodge for true nature lovers

Tenting under the northern lights. Photo: Vetle Tobias Salberg

A Viking Challenge

One of the more unique experiences at Namsentunet – and a real mental and physical challenge – is the so-called “Viking Challenge”. Over three days and four nights, you need to shoot a moose and a wood grouse, and catch a trout. If you manage, you’ll earn yourself a place in the Namsentunet “Hall of Fame”.

The Viking Challenge is the perfect thing to do with a friend or a relative – to enhance the competition but also to bond in a way that only nature and outdoor activities let you do.

Whatever activity you choose to embark on, you’ll be in good hands while doing it. Namsentunet has 11 local guides who know the area in detail and specialise in different activities. In addition, a food expert will join every expedition and prepare lunch in the wilderness – a very special moment to try local food prepared in the most natural way possible.

With a total of 21 room and 54 beds, divided between single, double and triple rooms and cabins with eight beds, the lodge has ample space for visitors. While its key clientele are outdoor enthusiasts, Namsentunet offers an exceedingly comfortable place to stay for all; all rooms keep hotel standard, have private bathrooms, and ensure guests the best possible relaxation after a long day of activities.

While the cabins have kitchen facilities, most guests opt for the half or full board option. Food at Namsentunet is overwhelmingly local; the facility is certified with the “Hanen” – a recognition of places that serve more than 40 percent local food. That is a criteria staff at Namsen had no problem in meeting.

“The great majority of vegetables we use are produced locally and as much as 95 percent of the meat is from our own terrains. We also grow our own herbs,” Salberg says.

Namsentunet: A lodge for true nature lovers

A real mathall – the dining room at Namsentunet. Photo: Line Berre

Easy to reach

Popular with both Norwegians and foreigners, Namsentunet is not difficult to reach, regardless of where you depart from. The nearest airport is at Namsos, which you can reach with Widerøe from Trondheim and Oslo. Værnes Airport in Trondheim is a larger airport with more national and international flights, situated some 270 km from Namsentunet.

From Værnes you can either come by car or take the train to Grong, which is only five minutes away. Alternatively, you can ask to be picked up directly at the airport; Salberg says that he and his colleagues are happy to come and pick you up.

Many guests also come by car – parking is available at site, and there are, of course, chargers for electric vehicles.

Namsentunet: A lodge for true nature lovers

Namsentunet organises different types of hunting trips. Photo: Vetle Tobias Salberg

Seasonal activities

Fishing and hunting in Norway are regulated and are only possible in certain periods of the year. Salmon season lasts from 1. June till 31. August while hunting varies a bit, but largely runs from mid-August through February. While salmon season is high season for Namsentunet, the facility is open throughout the year – nature after all has something to offer in all seasons.

“We recently completed a programme to prolong our peak season from 1. May to 1 November”, Salberg explains.

Namsentunet: A lodge for true nature lovers

Traditional, yet modern styles. Photo: Line Berre

Namsentunet welcomes individual travellers but also friends and larger groups. Because there are plenty of common spaces ideal for groups, it is also a highly popular venue for team-building trips for businesses and companies. The unique setting combined with the size of the lodging allows guests to mix outdoor activities with professional and social sessions.

It is also a popular destination for celebrations such as birthdays and anniversaries.

Whatever your reason for coming to Namsentunet is, here is one common denominator: The love for and desire to be out in and really engage with nature.

Namsentunet: A lodge for true nature lovers

Rooms at Namsentunet are cozy and warm. Photo: Line Berre

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