Renovating or building from scratch can often seem like a daunting task, but with the right people behind a project it can be a breeze and bring about some wonderful results. The architects at NB ark work with their clients throughout the whole process, from initial idea to finished project.


“Our expertise lies in renovating and building homes and offices. Most important for us is that we want to be there to help our clients and hold their hand throughout the whole process,” explains Nanna Bering, partner and architect at NB ark.

From the beginning of a project, NB ark focuses on how to make the most of every square metre, both inside and out. “In homes with gardens, people often don’t focus on the outside space, but it’s something we like to make the most of as well. The outside also brings pleasure to the inside. We focus on bringing in as much daylight as possible. We don’t have a huge amount of it in the north, so we have to make the most of it,” says Bering.

NB ark: Making the most of every square metre

Sustainable projects

From the initial chat with a client to the final day on the project, NB ark helps to take care of everything, including finding builders and helping with planning permission. They have organised projects in Denmark for clients living abroad and have the expertise to make the project as easy as possible.

“We want to help our clients, but also challenge them so that they end up with the best solution. It can even mean questioning whether to rip something down, rather than keeping it and updating it. It’s also a more sustainable solution, in reusing some of the materials that are already there. We’re there to think outside the box and come up with great solutions that might not have been thought about already.”

Throughout the process, they work closely with the clients to accommodate their wishes and make sure that what is being built is something that they will enjoy using. Most important to NB ark is that the client is happy at the end of the project. “I’ve just come from a handover earlier, and it’s the best feeling seeing someone so happy about the finished project, knowing we’ve done everything we could and also given them that little bit extra,” concludes Bering.


NB ark: Making the most of every square metre

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