Anyone can start an online shop, but turning it into a successful, full-time job takes a lot of work. And running an online shop that is still growing today, in its 17th year, takes hard work and skill. Siv Storhaug is both hard-working and has a great head for business.

Storhaug has a background in customer service and, while she loved what she was doing, it was very demanding, and she ended up burning out. Something had to change. “I thought, why not start myself and do it at my own pace,” Storhaug says.

Neglemakeriet: Nailing e-commerce

Neglemakeriet is developing and expanding its own line of products to ensure the highest quality possible.

Finding a niche

The first step towards a successful business is finding a gap in the market. The other is to find something you enjoy doing.

In 2007 the online market for nail products was quite small. Storhaug liked the idea of doing something that made women feel better about themselves. That was how she found her niche, and Neglemakeriet opened its virtual doors.

Neglemakeriet: Nailing e-commerce

Siv loves seeing customers being creative with her products. Photo: @kmb_ nailstudio on Instagram

Neglemakeriet is a one-stop shop for everything any nail designer could need or want. From individual products to complete kits, and acrylic to gel. It was important to her that the online store was accessible to everyone, so there is no minimum spend. This means her customers range from hobby nail designers to professional salons.

Neglemakeriet: Nailing e-commerce

A lot of the decor is tiny, but it can make all the difference in the final design.

The customer is always right…

Almost always, at least. For Storhaug, a good relationship with her customers is vital. If a customer reaches out asking about a specific product missing from the website, Storhaug will find it for them. And if a product is not up to her high standards, she will remove it immediately. “I would rather take the loss than force a bad product on customers,” Storhaug says.

Though the quality is high, that does not mean the prices are. Storhaug tries to keep the prices as low as possible. Having started her own business, she knows all the hidden expenses and wants to help others get their nail businesses off the ground.

Neglemakeriet has a Trustpilot rating of excellent, the highest rating. This is partly down to the quality of the products, but also the customer service. Whether it is an email or a message on social media, Neglemakeriet will reply as quickly as possible.

Neglemakeriet: Nailing e-commerce

The customers love playing with decor and colours. You can test out something new by practicing on the convenient plastic fingers you can find in the shop.


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