Multifaceted, multi-talented and multi-awarded product design and development studio No Picnic has a mission: to create products that will enhance and improve the world we live in. Thanks to grit and playful thinking outside the box in collaboration with globally esteemed companies, they are well underway towards achieving a more functional and sleek society for all.

The creative studio was founded in 1993 after five tight-knit students realised that work developed as a team often ended in better results. “Our exchange accelerated the outcome and starting a company together only seemed like a natural next step,” reminisces Stefan Magnusson, one of the founding partners.

Thanks to determination and a refusal to take no for an answer, global telecoms company Ericsson became one of their first clients, and their fine sense of form made a great impact on the mobile phones for years to come. “Our primary focus is the user: a product needs to deliver a good feeling, physically as well as emotionally, and deep-seated empathy with the end-user is key. We help our clients to visualise their dreams and encourage a bolder and greener future, which will benefit the company and society simultaneously,” says Jonas Bergfeldt, creative director and partner.

No Picnic: Product design out of this world

ABB GoFa collaboration robot.

From outer space to benevolent robots and everything in between

Global corporations, medical companies and specialised luxury brands act as solid proof of the widespread talents that make up the team. Their infallible focus on creative innovations for a smarter future has earned them numerous awards, as well as the opportunity to make a real impact and show how society can promote a more sustainable life.

A zero-emission vessel, run on wind, sun and wave energy, was developed as a concept for Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics and is now being realised for commercial use. A fridge for the International Space Station, ordered by NASA, required lofty ideas to function in space, where gravity is non-existent. Their collaborative robots, meanwhile, developed with ABB, GoFa and SWIFTI, are pushing the boundaries for what companies – from large industries to small businesses – can achieve.

Their most current project is charging posts for electric cars designed for urban areas. Form and function are integrated to improve the charging infrastructure as well as the city landscape, creating smarter and more habitable cities prepared for a better future. As we are well aware of, a fairer and more sustainable society will require new ways of thinking. Luckily, No Picnic is there to help us on the way.

No Picnic: Product design out of this world

Ramlösa bottles designed by No Picnic.


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