Propeller Design in Stockholm is a strategic design agency whose expertise and closely-knit team help drive forward innovation across the globe. Through a strategic process with an integrated holistic approach, the company helps global powerhouses, as well as small startups, create unique products with design, function and sustainability at the core.

Propeller Design: The creation of something groundbreaking

Propeller designs large train projects together with clients such as Alstom, Bombardier and Stadler.

Since Propeller Design was founded in 1995, the company’s journey has been going from strength to strength. Today, the team’s expertise is a recognised global force for innovative product creation with a range of clients – including international giants like IKEA, Google, Bosch, Panasonic, Alstom and SJ (Swedish Railways) as well as small startups – having placed their trust in the team to provide an all-encompassing design strategy and drive growth through quality products. ”We look at the whole picture and don’t leave anything to chance: our talented multidisciplinary team consists of design strategists, product designers, UI/UX designers, visual designers, design engineers, researchers, and sourcing experts – we’re there from the very beginning until the product is rolled out and beyond by creating brand strategies that build brand recognition and coherent quality,” says Karl Forsberg, head of design strategy.

Propeller Design: The creation of something groundbreaking

Propeller Design supported startup Cowboy from the first sketch to the latest generation of e-bikes, raising more than US$140 million in funding.

The products in the portfolio of Propeller Design more than adequately document the company’s versatility, with a wide range of brand sectors proving that no project is too small or too big. Whether it is designing new high-speed trains, creating a new generation of sustainable ski helmets, or strollers, furniture, headphones, apps, digital interfaces, or smart safety alarms – all challenges are welcomed. ”We embrace a challenge and with our strategic design approach, we deliver tangible, long-lasting results for our clients. The Cowboy e-bikes are a great example of this: we were approached by three entrepreneurs from Brussels who had a vision to create an e-bike for the urban rider. In a close collaboration with Cowboy, our team have supported with everything from the initial strategic conceptualisation, to designing, engineering and packaging, a process that resulted in e-bikes that have won prestigious awards and sold exponentially over Europe and the USA,” says Olle Gyllang, partner at Propeller Design.

Rooted in Scandinavian functionality and armed with unique industry knowledge of the entire design process, Propeller Design aims to remain at the forefront of innovation for the benefit of companies and consumers alike.

Propeller Design: The creation of something groundbreaking
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