Set atop the rolling valley of Haltdalen, Nordpå Fjellhotell is a charming hotel with plenty of opportunities to explore the best of Norway’s nature, local flavours, and fun activities.

This year, Nordpå Fjellhotell celebrates its 195th anniversary. Seeped in history, the 19th century building, built in classic Norwegian timber, originally served as a homestead in the countryside – a new beginning for a couple looking to start their life together in the 1800s. Since its establishment, the building has served various purposes in its local area and has undergone several reovations, extensions, and modernisations, making it the tranquil escape from the city that it is today.

“There’s something magical about this place,” says Ragnar Harper, owner and chairman of Nordpå Fjellhotell. “When you arrive, it’s like your body can sense that it’s closer to nature. I can only describe it as a type of crossroad between the wilderness and civilization, a place where you can enjoy solitude, a perfectly clear night sky, and fresh air, but also community and activities.”

Nordpå Fjellhotell ‒ the best of Norwegian hospitality

Indeed, the hotel overlooks the most beautiful valleys, with trees and mountains as far as the eye can see, and, as Norway enters its winter slumber, there is no better time to retreat to the countryside. The fields and peaks are veiled with a thick blanket of snow, absent of light pollution and city noise. If you are lucky, you might also catch a glimpse of the beautiful Aurora Borealis dancing across the dark Trøndelag night sky.

“We offer many activities, and most of our guests arrive ready to explore them all. Most, however, find that once they’re here, there’s nothing else they’d rather do than sit and stare out at the mountains with a warm cup of coffee,” says Ragnar.

With a range of activities, cultural events, a spa section and a promise of wonderful culinary experiences, Nordpå Fjellhotell offers both fun and relaxation.

Nordpå Fjellhotell ‒ the best of Norwegian hospitality

Swing into the night with live entertainment and fun.

Coming home: The adventure of a lifetime

For many years, husband and wife, Ragnar and Siri Harper, found themselves spending the large majority of the year travelling for work. They were both a part of global IT teams spread all over the world and consequently spent a great deal of time in Asia, America, and across Europe. For a while, they had been searching for the perfect place to escape, looking at places in Bali, Italy, and more.

“Then the pandemic hit, and we found ourselves stuck at home in Norway like everyone else,” explains Ragnar.

Like many other Norwegians, Ragnar and Siri found that the travelling restrictions gave them an opportunity to explore their own country. When they stumbled across Nordpå Fjellhotell, which had been put up for sale, it almost felt like fate.

“We instantly fell in love with it,” says Ragnar. “When we came here, we felt the noise from the outside world disappear. Here, we could find escape in nature, bathe in the rivers and feel the grass beneath our feet. Though we had previously been looking for somewhere abroad, we knew this was the place for us.”

The couple bought the hotel and took over in December 2020. Since then, they’ve turned it from a seasonal to a year-round business and expanded their culture and activity offers, as well as their culinary experiences.

Nordpå Fjellhotell ‒ the best of Norwegian hospitality

Snuggle up with a cup of coffee and a beautiful view.

Local food, flavours and fun

“The barn has seen many events through the years, but since taking over, we’ve prioritised hosting more concerts. The musical performances are intimate and fun, and we often get good feedback from the artists too. I’d say we have the world’s best audience,” says Ragnar.

In addition to the entertainment, guests are invited to try the hotel’s excellent food, all made from local products and ingredients.

The team at Nordpå Fjellhotel value their community and work closely with the local businesses and suppliers. The emphasis on the close-knit community makes the service feel authentic and familiar, almost like coming home.

“We often say that our hospitality should remind guests of their grandmothers’ hospitality, but professional, of course,” laughs Ragnar.

And while nothing can be compared to Grandma, Nordpå Fjellhotell certainly gives her a run for her money, especially in the kitchen.

Nordpå Fjellhotell ‒ the best of Norwegian hospitality

“Throughout the year, we bring in famous chefs from all over to create new and fun culinary experiences for our guests using local flavours and ingredients. They host gourmet evenings where people may come, sit back, and just enjoy.”

From ordinary to themed dinners, there is something for everyone. The “romantic package” offers couples the chance to enjoy a 7-course meal wherever they want – in the hotel restaurant, by the jacuzzi, or even in a tepee.

“We have a lot of couples and friends visiting. The quiet and peaceful surroundings give them a chance to bond, either on their own or in social areas with other guests,” says Ragnar.

For those wishing to socialise or participate in activities, Nordpå Fjellhotell hosts knitting-and-yoga weekends, kiting courses, classes on running techniques, and more, serving as great bonding activities for friends or team-building exercises for businesses.
In addition, Nordpå fjellhotell wants to make it easy for guests to come, explore and have fun, whether it’s skiing, hiking or something else, which is why they offer gear rental services.

“You just need to bring yourself and some clothes,” says Ragnar. “We’ll provide the food, fun, views, and wonderful accommodation.”

Nordpå Fjellhotell ‒ the best of Norwegian hospitality

Come visit us!

Rundingen 76, 7383 Haltdalen, Norway
Airport: Trondheim or Røros Airport.
Train station: Haltdalen stasjon

Facebook: Nordpå Fjellhotell
Instagram: @nordpaafjellhotell

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