Ready for the ultimate garden party? Norrviken Gardens offers greenery galore with a number of period gardens, all decorated in their own era and set to music. But there’s more.

The site packs a rich history of almost 120 years since its establishment. It began in 1905 after horticulturist Rudolf Abelin discovered the grounds. He was struck by the beauty of Norrviken and its surroundings. “A lot has been kept after Rudolf, diaries and other pieces of writing,” says Maria Höjer, marketing manager, Norrviken. “This makes him very present in our continued development.”

Today, Norrviken offers a broad range of activities and provides an array of services. The wonderous gardens aside, Norrviken also has conference facilities, restaurants, two conservatories, and a cultural centre called Ravinen. And if you’re planning a wedding, Norrviken will provide the scenery.

Located in the southern city of Båstad, hosting prestigious events such as the tennis tournament Swedish Open and equestrian events, there’s a real buzz. “Something for all your senses,” Höjer continues. “Our guests often comment on how picturesque the grounds are, all framed by the crest on one side and the sea on the other.”

Norrviken: Gardens for exploration and recreation in glorious surroundings

Marie Olsson Nylander brings guests along for an adventure. Photo: Lena Evertsson

Norrviken has an assortment of experience packages for a summer outing. Depending on which one you choose, it might include a traditional Swedish fika, lunch and a guided tour of the gardens. “Creating experiences is an ongoing process,” she explains. “There are new themes every year. This year’s theme is adventure – the whole world in one garden.”

Connected to this year’s theme is an exhibition called The Adventures of Plant Hunters. “This is also connected to our history. An area of our gardens is called Tors Park. The plant hunter Tor Nitzelius travelled all over the world, in search of seeds and plants that he brought back. So this area includes a lot of exotic plants for our guests to explore.”

Setting the tone with music is very much part of the process. This also coincides with tickling all of your senses. “Unique for this season is that it’s all original,” Höjer adds. “Carl-Johan Fogelklou, bass player of Mando Diao, and his wife Hanna have composed this season’s music.” Their music is also available on Spotify for you to relive your summer experience back home.

Norrviken offers something for all and visitors come from all over Europe. The team will be looking forward to treating you this summer.

Norrviken: Gardens for exploration and recreation in glorious surroundings

The cultural centre Ravinen is a part of destination Norrviken. Photo: Lasse Olsson

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