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Nature and fresh air give calmness, clarity, energy and motivation. As many of us now spend most of our time indoors, we yearn for the opportunity to feel connected to nature, and during our hectic working week, the need for inner peace increases. Norsk Mose & Design has found a way for you to have your own piece of Norwegian nature, whether that is at home or in the workplace.

Norsk Mose & Design creates design products made with moss hand-picked from Rendalen in Østerdalen, giving you the possibility to bring nature to you wherever you might be. “When nature is not available, we make it available. It is a way for you to find tranquility and feel the harmony with your own bit of Norwegian nature,” says Heidi Foss, CEO and one of the owners. After previously running a car dealership, Foss and her good friend Ewa Råken, who ran a construction company, discovered an increasing need among enterprises for green moss walls that were low-maintenance and cost effective.

Founded in 2018, Norsk Mose & Design wanted to further develop finished Norwegian moss products in Norway. The reason for the start-up was that those who at the time sold finished products did not make them, but instead imported products made with moss that had been exported from Norway. “There are actually only two moss factories for reindeer moss in the world, and we are proud that one of these is located here in Rendalen, a shareholder in our company. So all of our products are 100 per cent made in Norway,” Foss explains.

Reindeer moss from Østerdalen

Reindeer moss grows freely throughout Østerdalen. The moss is harvested by hand, and the fields are maintained with great focus on the environment and sustainability. Harvesting takes place during four hectic months in the summer, so there is plenty of raw material for production all year round.

“After treatment at the factory, the moss is sent to our workshops, where we design and produce finished products for sale,” Foss explains. The moss is available in a variety of colours to suit every style and need, with the natural and green shades being the most popular.

A stylish addition to your home or workplace

After a secret treatment and dyeing at the factory, the moss is no longer alive and does not grow. It therefore requires no maintenance after being installed and is not dependent on sunlight. “It is great to have in an office space, because it helps clean the air and has an energising effect. Moreover, the acoustics of the room are enhanced by the sound absorption, contributing to a sense of calm and harmony,” says Foss.

The production is classified and certified through ISO 9001 and 14001. The moss has a natural ability to clean the air as well as an energising effect, and neither dust nor insects are attracted to it. “We have conducted tests at SINTEF in order to guarantee a fire-proof product that is safe. In addition, the moss retains its shape, colour and texture for many years, and is a stylish addition to your home or workplace,” Foss adds.

Helping make Oslo a greener city

Norsk Mose & Design is collaborating with KLP on a new project close to Oslo Central Station this April. The aim of this impressive wall made of moss is to inform the public about the sustainable construction project, as well as to welcome visitors to the Environmental Capital of Europe 2019. “We are pleased to be able to help promote such a visible and sustainable project in the heart of Oslo. The area is characterised by a lot of grey concrete and brown metal surfaces, so our green moss will create a contrast. Surrounding ourselves with nature brings a sense of calm, harmony and something that is real,” says Foss.

“It is a 100-square-metre outdoor wall – our biggest job so far! We have produced a total of 160 modules of different sizes, and are very excited about this new, green lung, which will be beneficial for those who pass this area every day,” she says proudly.


– Eco-friendly: the moss is picked by hand with respect to the environment and sustainability. Only 100 per cent natural and biodegradable materials are used in the products.

– Cleaner air and better acoustics: the moss cleans the air of toxins and improves the acoustics of the room by absorbing high frequencies.

– Maintenance-free: the moss does not grow or change shape, and requires no maintenance or water.

– Free of toxins and allergy-friendly: tested for fire safety at SINTEF with top results.

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