NUAD is a brand of detail-oriented perfectionists with a love of beautiful things. The brand designs simple, timeless, and linear lamps, created to lighten up your home and workspace and make your life shine just a little bit brighter – because what is life without excellent lighting?

Often overlooked when it comes to interior design, lighting is crucial for both home and workspaces. Have you ever tried shaving or putting on makeup in a badly lit bathroom? Or been in an online meeting without proper lighting? Or reading a book in the dark winter evenings without good lighting? If yes, then you know that lighting is vital to almost any task, from cooking to working.

“Many people don’t think enough about lighting and the joy it brings. It affects us much more than most of us realise. Lighting can make your everyday life better or worse. Often, we look more at the lamp itself than the lighting, which is the wrong way to go about it. We choose aesthetics over functionality,” says Rune Krøjgaard, Partner and Founder of NUAD.

NUAD: Let your life shine a little brighter

Avra Table Lamp Brushed Steel/Creme.

Where functionality meets aesthetics

NUAD, however, has found a way to combine design and functionality when it comes to lighting and lamps. They constantly refine their designs until they have lamps that are good enough for you. Their designs are simple, timeless and linear, always keeping functionality at the forefront. There is no fluff; it is simply just great design.

“Our lamps are minimalistic with a focus on functionality. It is important that our products can be used both at home and in workspaces. The lamps should be both for homely cosiness and open office spaces,” explains Krøjgaard.

In line with NUAD’s vow to minimalism and functionality, their products also use as little material as possible. Krøjgaard says: “I believe we have a responsibility when it comes to production. We can’t stop producing, but we are responsible for how much material we use and responsible for minimising waste in the production line. That is why NUAD is dedicated to using as little material as possible.”

The principle about using as little material as possible is also in alignment with the Danish design traditions, in which NUAD is deeply rooted in.

“We are standing on the shoulders of our Danish design heritage. Historically, we have always been known for minimising materials and constantly optimising our furniture and interior design to end up with the best possible products,” says Rune Krøjgaard.

NUAD: Let your life shine a little brighter

Arcon Table Lamp in Black/Chrome.

Illuminating both homes and offices

NUAD was born out of Krøjgaard’s own need for proper lighting in his home. He needed a lamp that could illuminate a big space, but which would also be suitable for both cooking and relaxing on the couch. Unable to find exactly that, the architect and designer decided to design the lamp himself, and so NUAD was founded in 2019 – and launched in 2020. With his background, it only seemed natural that Krøjgaard should go on to start his own brand. He has travelled extensively in China where he worked with optimising productions – and with experience from NORR11, Menu, and Malene Birger on her Birger1962 interior brand, he has a broad and plentiful range of experience, from working with the production side of things to sitting at the drawing board.

“I am grateful for my past experience; I have had an opportunity to work with some great companies, designers, and strong profiles. I both worked with start-ups and established companies, and it has allowed me to learn, make mistakes and understand both the design and production craft – and basically the do’s and don’ts within interior design. It gave me the courage to start NUAD,” says Krøjgaard.

From a Celtic king to lamps

“I often get asked about the name NUAD and in all honesty, we wanted to create a great four- letter name which had a softness to the pronunciation, astrong graphic potential, and was easy to remember. After playing around for a while – testing different names – we ended up with an abbreviation of the very early founding partner of NUAD – we stumbled upon a tale of the Celtic King Nuadu, and with a lifelong fascination with mythology, we settled on the name NUAD,“ says Krøjgaard, laughing about his own nerdiness.

From ancient folklore to nature and industry, Krøjgaard draws inspiration from both the ordinary and extraordinary. NUAD’s designs are a meeting between different worlds. Soft, organic shapes in nature melt together with heavy industry. The colours are earthy, soft, and warm, speaking to everyone with a love for natural nuances, and soon a new collection of lamps in warm, reddish hues will be available. About the material for this collection, Krøjgaard explains:

“I have always been fascinated with plastic, despite the negative connotations. Plastic has extraordinary qualities. So, I thought, how can we use plastic in a sustainable, functional and fashionable way? Our new collection is therefore made from partly recycled acrylic and has a bit of a vintage look,” says Krøjgaard.

The new collection will be available from the end of September.

NUAD: Let your life shine a little brighter

Avra Portable Table Lamp in Brushed Steel/Creme.

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