OM-SE is a relative newcomer on the luxury skincare scene, but the Swedish label is already turning heads. Employing a Scandi-minimalist approach, OM-SE (‘to care for’ in Swedish) is disrupting the conventions of high-end beauty routines by condensing 13 facial treatments into just three potent, multi-use products.

As the adage goes, necessity is the mother of invention. Husband-and-wife duo Jenny and Jacob Huurinainen founded OM-SE in 2020, after Jenny’s personal journey to clear her post-pregnancy complexion. By applying only her own additive-free skincare products, based on fewer – but potent – naturally-active ingredients, Jenny rediscovered radiant skin. Jacob soon adopted the same minimalist practice.

Today, OM-SE has become a word-of-mouth sensation. Its high-performing plant-based and unisex ‘Clean, Hydrate, Treat’ routine provides skin with the everyday essential nutrition and hydration it needs for a healthy glow – in just three steps. “Our three-step routine does the work of 13 products. It smartly replaces eye-makeup remover, pre-cleanse, face wash, toner, essence, serum, lash/brow serum, beard oil, moisturiser, day cream, night cream, eye cream and setting spray,” Jenny explains.

OM-SE: Less is more: Changing the face of luxury skincare

Three steps to radiant skin

First, the all-in-one Face Cleansing Oil naturally dissolves make-up and pollutants and harmonises sebum production, while protecting the skin’s microbiome. Seven cold-pressed skin-protecting oils, including apricot, jojoba and oat, nurture and purify, without the need for preservatives.

Second, the probiotic Hydrating Face Mist based on aloe-vera juice penetrates the dermal layers, soothing and plumping fine lines, while stimulating skin-cell renewal for an anti-inflammatory, brightening effect. “It’s fine dining for your skin,” says Jenny. “It caters to all skin-types by using only organic, naturally-active ingredients with a multi-purpose range.”

Finally, one of two face oils smooths and restores the skin’s overall appearance with a combination of potent antioxidants, vitamins and full-spectrum fatty acids. The Balancing Face Oil is a fast-absorbing blend of 14 botanical oils with a balancing and correcting effect for oily or normal skin. Meanwhile, the Renewing Face Oil treats dry and ageing skin with a complex blend of 17 botanicals to promote collagen production and soothe UV-damaged skin. “Each ingredient is carefully selected and dosed based on performance. We even handpick the most potent version of each plant species,” explains Jacob.

OM-SE: Less is more: Changing the face of luxury skincare

A minimal routine with maximum results

“Choosing quality before quantity, every day, helps our clients go about their busy lives,” says Jenny, and the time-saving formula has already won accolades in the beauty industry. In 2021, OM-SE was awarded Best Organic Skincare Range by Swedish Beauty Editors, while publications such as Vogue Scandinavia, Elle, Madame, SL.MAN, Costume and Damernas have pegged the brand as one of the hottest new labels to watch.

Meanwhile, the philosophy of ‘quality over quantity’ has a direct positive impact on OM-SE’s sustainable business model. The label is produced in Sweden, in collaboration with organic EU-suppliers, and made in small, fresh batches, to maximise potency. Though they ship worldwide, the goal is never to overproduce. In practice, that means keeping the inventory low and scaling production only as demand increases. Resultingly, OM-SE’s products are guaranteed sustainable, low-waste and ethically crafted.

“We stand for simplifying your skincare routine, while reducing waste for the world – so much so that we also offer a flexible and non-binding subscription service to guarantee your skincare essentials are always on your shelf,” says Jacob. And who wouldn’t want them there? OM-SE’s range is not only highly effective, but elegantly presented in unique biophotonic ultraviolet glass bottles, chosen for their ability to preserve and enhance the quality of the formulas.

“It’s important that our products are stylish – that they crown the bathroom counter like any perfume container,” says Jacob, who’s background in fashion as an art director ideally placed him to design the aesthetics of the little black bottles himself. The full OM-SE range is gracefully concise, comprising two three-step routines (Balancing and Renewing), a Complete Full-Size Set, the travel-sized Discovery Set, and petite sand-coloured face cloths for wiping off the cleansing oil, to optimise usage.

OM-SE’s Scandi-minimalist skincare revolution is just getting started, and the message is this: radiant skin without the lengthy beauty routine is possible and, in this case, less is more.

OM-SE: Less is more: Changing the face of luxury skincare


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