Fantastic bio-plastic


The Finnish manufacturer Orthex Group continuously innovates towards more environmentally friendly products for house and home. With sustainability, practicality and appealing design as the most important components, the company is constantly pushing the envelope and renewing the industry. “We aim for a brighter, more sustainable future by using recycled plastic and bio-plastic as raw material. From this, we create products that simplify everyday life for our consumers,” says Alexander Rosenlew, CEO at Orthex Group.

The products from Orthex Group are recognised via their typical Scandinavian design. They are visually appealing with clean, straight lines and functionality at heart. With daughter companies in the Nordic countries as well as in the UK, Germany and France, Orthex Group sells to over 40 countries and has its own in-house production. “We manufacture over 90 per cent of our products ourselves, which allows us to ensure the quality and safety,” Rosenlew explains.

The company makes everything from stylish flowerpots, completely made from recycled plastic, to bird feeders, tableware, boxes for home storage and much more. With their ever-evolving innovations, they are true pioneers in their industry. “European consumers are becoming more and more interested in sustainability. By creating environmentally friendly solutions and new materials, we try to pull our weight when it comes to making sustainable products more accessible. This is also the reason behind our rapid growth and success,” Rosenlew says.

Pioneering kitchen line

Orthex Group’s focus on environmental factors and functionality is reflected in its latest, ground-breaking kitchen line made from bio-plastic. These products consist of 98 per cent bio-composite, which works as a replacement to ordinary plastic. The composite consists of spruce and sugarcane, and this renewable material reduces the carbon footprint from the production by 80 per cent. These fully recyclable products, such as utensils and different-sized cutting boards, will last you years, and even though they are bio-based, they are completely dishwasher safe.

“The products are very pleasant to use, with a natural look and feel and a lingering scent of wood. We will introduce this material to other product groups as well. The goal is that 20 per cent of our products are made of recycled or bio-based materials by 2020,” Rosenlew explains. “Our products with Nordic quality and design enable consumers to live more functional and environmentally friendly lives.”

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