Strength, power, balance. These words might not be often associated with jewellery, but they are the pillars of Pantolin – a Swedish jewellery brand where slow and powerful wins the battle.

“My jewellery is like armour. It gives you strength and balance while enhancing your inner power and personality,” says Paula Pantolin, founder and designer at Pantolin Jewellery.

Paula Pantolin studied fine art before discovering that silversmithing was her preferred art form. “It excites me to create art that people carry with them, and there’s something magical about working so close to the material,” she explains. “I can balance the jewellery in my hands and reflect on how it rests on the body and how it makes me feel.”

With unique and eye-catching designs, Pantolin Jewellery has become a staple for artists and actors who want to feel strong and balanced. “I’ve been told that even my clunkiest bangles and rings feel light and natural on the body. And that they release strength – which is the biggest compliment,” she adds.

Pantolin: Let jewellery be your armour

Osiris. Photo: Sanna Dahlen

Like ripples in the sand

Pantolin is an advocate for slow fashion and focuses on creating objects that are meaningful and mindful. She works with recycled materials and trackable gemstones to ensure that she runs an ethical business. “A lot of my inspiration and joy comes from nature, and I want to make sure I help preserve all that beauty. For every piece I sell from my Dune collection, which is inspired by the ripples created when waves meet the land, 150 Swedish Krona goes to the West Coast Foundation’s Clean Coast Project.”

Furthermore, Pantolin is inspired by the fact that patterns and materials can take us to another place or time. “The fact that people used jewellery for millennia and across all cultures resonates with me. I study the patterns of different cultures and how they have changed over time,” she says.

Pantolin: Let jewellery be your armour

Rings. Photo: Katarina DiLeva

Bringing out personality

Pantolin has harnessed this wisdom and created jewellery for today and forever. It’s easy to mix and match across the growing collections to build your own powerful and personal look.

“I love mixing my designs! Fill your ears with small and big earrings, combine our Osiris bangles with smaller bracelets for a powerful look, and inspire great energy by playing around with our crosschains,” Pantolin finishes. Pantolin’s open atelier and workshop is located in a house from the 1700s in central Stockholm welcomes visitors curious to learn more about her timeless jewellery.

Pantolin: Let jewellery be your armour

Paula Pantolin. Photo: Andreas Sundgren

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