Located in the municipality of Jokkmokk on the Lule River, Peace and Quiet Nature Hotel boasts wellness in an untouched wilderness with a breathtaking view of the aurora borealis – the northern lights.

Hotel owner, Björn Hedlund Länta explains: “at Peace and Quiet Nature Hotel, we trust in our back-to-nature philosophy with a balanced lifestyle, hence the importance of wellness in our lives.”

Peace and Quiet Hotel is situated amongst ancient pine and spruce forests and surrounded entirely by the pristine, untouched wilderness of the Lule River. It is close to the border of the Laponia World Heritage area in the remote municipality of Jokkmokk, a part of Swedish Lapland.

Peace and Quiet Hotel: The sound of silence in Swedish Lapland

“Accessible only by reindeer sled, snowmobile, boat or trail, the journey to Peace and Quiet Hotel gives you the true feeling of a departure from your daily life. You will have an unforgettable experience of Sápmi, the land of the Sámi people, and its wildlife. Adventure-filled days are enhanced by local produce, sustainable dining, beverages, and the chance to relax in Goahte-style floating glass rooms,” says Björn.

The nature hotel offers cryotherapy treatment, a sauna tent, yoga and meditation on the ice, and a hot tub. All treatments are outdoors in nature for an enhanced experience, accompanied with beverages and snacks.

Peace and Quiet Hotel: The sound of silence in Swedish Lapland

Web: www.peaceandquiethotel.com
Instagram: @peaceandquiet.hotel
Facebook: peaceandquiethotel

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