Crafting luxury


Striking designs and the use of unusual material combinations have made Petri Pulliainen’s wedding rings a favourite for those looking for non-conventional luxury jewellery. However, the combination of technical skill and artistic excellence are not limited to jewellery for the Finnish label that has set its sights on the wider luxury market.

Relentless attention to detail underpins the work of Petri Pulliainen, a Helsinki-based jeweller and goldsmith known for his range of wedding rings with an edge. Over two decades of mastering his craft, Pulliainen has built up an expertise in high-precision metalwork that routinely incorporates laser engravings and precious stones. “Materials are the foundation of everything,” says Pulliainen. “The ability to get it done comes next.”

“Fitting diamonds into stainless steel is one of our core areas of expertise,” Pulliainen explains. The use of Damascus steel, the rugged material traditionally found in Viking and Samurai swords, is another speciality, as are black rings made of materials like oxidised zirconium or PVD-coated steel. “It takes a lot of skill to fit diamonds into these kinds of materials,” Pulliainen adds. “But the ultimate durability is among our key strengths.”

Pulliainen has perfected his craft in wedding rings but an expansion into entirely new product categories is currently in the works. “High-end precision work and the use of exclusive materials are not limited to weddings rings, or even jewellery,” Pulliainen says. “These techniques and material combinations can be applied elsewhere to create luxury products, or to customise other objects.”

The expansion into other luxury and ultra-luxury categories has not come by accident. Pulliainen has spent several years building and honing his contacts while analysing the market, in order to focus on areas where his technical expertise will add the most value. In doing so, he is following a model perfected by the likes of Hermes and Lamborghini. The former has built an entire luxury empire on its original craft of saddle making; the supercars of the latter hail from an Italian tractor-maker’s engineering expertise.

Finland has not produced many ultra-luxury brands, but Pulliainen believes that the country’s deep-rooted artisan tradition puts Finnish labels at an advantage in the current climate. “We have a reputation for creating products that last – it’s like they’re made with a kind of ‘forever’ mentality,” he argues. “We’re also known as being honest and 100 per cent reliable, and those qualities are very important for the high-end luxury client.”

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