Pillowtalk is an exclusive brand that makes bed linen out of the finest Egyptian cotton and clothes out of beautiful cashmere. “We want our products to be a part of your everyday luxury,” say founders Karin Ramberg and Filippa Johansson.

Ramberg and Johansson established Pillowtalk in 2014 and have since built a brand that offers high-quality cotton and cashmere products that are affordable, becoming a big part of your life. “You use the clothes you feel comfortable in, and we believe that it’s worth paying for good quality. We are almost always wearing our products, which have become essentials in our wardrobes,” say the founders. “We believe that it is possible to create sustainable fashion, and we want our clothes to be timeless garments, in basic colours and shapes, that you can wear your whole life. We do, of course, experiment and follow trends – but we always have our basic collection of everyday fashion.”


The brand only works with the finest cotton from Egypt and cashmere from China and Mongolia, which have been tested by experts. “Quality is extremely important to us. Twice a year, we go to see the factory that produces our products in China, and we’re grateful to have a good relationship with them. We only have ourselves to rely on, and we go through every detail of the process.”

Pillowtalk does not yet have an international website, but that does not mean that you cannot buy their exclusive products. “We are happy to deliver abroad! Just email us and we can arrange it. However, we are working on expanding our web shop to offer an easier way to buy our products.”



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