Inspired by renowned composer Ralph Lundsten, the northern Sweden farmhouse with the same name is not only a cultural celebration of his legacy, but a wonderful place to stay the night, eat local delicacies, attend conferences and celebrate weddings.

A pioneer within electronic music, Ralph Lundsten was a one-of-a-kind composer who wrote magical scores inspired by Nordic folklore, with a deep respect for the nature surrounding him. He grew up in Ersnäs village and the farmhouse in question was his childhood home, which has had significant value for both village and villagers.

Today the farmhouse, which was built in the 1700s, is owned and run by Kristina Holmberg – a great admirer of culture and history, with hospitality in her heart. “When I found out that the old farmhouse was standing empty, I saw an opportunity to create an establishment that could celebrate the beauty of the countryside and the culture we have up here,” explains Holmberg. “It was only later I found out the connection to Ralph, which was a huge bonus and became the foundation of everything we offer.”

Ralph Lundstengården: A rural experience filled with culture

Come to stay

The farmhouse has been carefully restored with a genuine feel and atmosphere, bringing guests back in time with every detail. It has room for seven guests and is ideal for a family or group who want a taste of the Swedish countryside, away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Have a bite to eat

Much like the farmhouse itself, the on-site restaurant has been through a careful renovation where the characteristics from the building’s previous life as a cowshed and hayloft have been preserved.

Here, food is made with traditional cooking methods and local produce, which has earned the restaurant a spot in The White Guide as one of Sweden’s 500 top restaurants. It’s also a wonderful place to enjoy a traditional Christmas buffet, which Kristina and her team take great pride in.

Ralph Lundstengården: A rural experience filled with culture

Book a conference

The restaurant also doubles as conference and event space, offering a calm atmosphere and all necessary technical amenities. This can be paired with stunning trail walks in the surrounding landscape, and guests can also enjoy a sweet sample of the area’s own birch tree sap.

The farmhouse is also a fantastic base from which to discover nearby experiences, whether that’s dogsledding and skiing in winter, or fishing and birdwatching in summer.

Ralph Lundstengården: A rural experience filled with culture

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