Where the road ends, resting among the beautiful mountains of Härjedalen, is Ramundberget. This destination is peaceful and quiet yet offers heaps of adventures such as mountain biking, trail running, hiking and canoeing.

Located close to the Norwegian border in Härjedalen, the modern family-owned resort Ramundberget offers accommodation such as a hotel, apartments, cabins and camping, as well as cosy restaurants and cafes, and of course the mountains right outside the door.

Ramundberget offers plenty of activities available all year around, and the area has easily-accessible trails for hiking, cycling and trail running, where visitors can follow marked-up routes while also experiencing fantastic nature. There are around 60 peaks over 1,000 metres, and adventurers who want to challenge themselves can climb the five peaks surrounding the valley: Helags, Skarsfjället, Mittåkläppen, Anåfjället and Storskarven. Those who manage to conquer all five in the same year can show off the Five Peaks badge – an achievement to be proud of.

The cycling park is great for cyclists with varying degrees of experience. Here, you can choose from lift-served mountain biking, trail cycling, or flow trail. Ramundberget is part of Funäsfjällen’s trail system with over 400 kilometres of accessible bike trails and paths. Check out the app ‘Spår och leder Funäsfjällen’, where you can find information on available tracks and trails. Not just the mountains are calling though; river Ljusnan has lots of activities, such as canoeing, where the whole family can join in, as well as plenty of fishing opportunities.

Ramundberget: The best of two worlds - adventures and relaxation

Ramundberget’s adventure centre

Last year, Ramundberget opened a new adventure centre with guided tours in response to a higher demand on outdoor activities and closeness to nature. The centre is centrally located in the village, next to the sports shop Topsport where visitors can rent or buy sports equipment, to give more curious people the opportunity to discover what the mountains have to offer.

“Here you can find information and inspiration about our activities in and around the valley,” says Albin Lärnefjord, guide at the adventure centre. “There are fantastic mountains to explore and peaks to climb in close proximity to Ramundberget, both in summer and winter. We have easier and more difficult alternatives as well as guided tours for groups, and we offer private guides too.” All tours can be pre-booked online as well as at the centre.

Ramundberget: The best of two worlds - adventures and relaxation

Recommendations from the guide

“When visiting Ramundberget, you don’t need to choose between relaxation and adventures. You can have both – it’s the best of two worlds,” says Lärnefjord. He recommends Tvärån for an unforgettable tour in beautiful nature. “Going for a dip in one of the waterfalls is a must!” he smiles.

A hike around Röstvålen is also a great tip as you get the chance to see the mountains above the treeline. And why not challenge your fear of heights with a climb on the popular Via Ferrata, a fairly easy route for all levels of climbers, which only takes a few hours? When you reach the top, enjoy the fabulous views and a welldeserved break at the Toppstugan terrace.

“For people with a bit more experience of the outdoors, I recommend getting a package with canoe and transport from Topsport to Rogen Nature Reserve, for a few days in the wilderness.” This is an unusual setting with a maze of small and large lakes between long winding ridges surrounded by mountains. The expression ‘Rogenmorän’ (‘Rogen moraine’) actually comes from here, and even though these types of moraines exist elsewhere in the world, they are more obvious here.

Ramundberget: The best of two worlds - adventures and relaxation

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