Reflections of light, inspired by the sea


With a deeply rooted passion for the versatile material of silver, Elisabeth Bergstrand crafts beautiful and rare pieces of jewellery. The Swedish designer echoes a sense of happiness in the reflections of light and a love for the sea.

It all started some years ago, when Elisabeth Bergstrand joined a friend for a weekend course in silver jewellery design in Denmark and, quite unexpectedly, got hooked. What came about on a whim actually turned into her calling in life.

“Surprisingly, I felt that although my head didn’t know the craft of jewellery design yet, my hands did and it was easy to see what worked and what didn’t,” the silversmith elaborates on her passion. “I have never before experienced this sensation of being in a bubble, completely engulfed by something. It’s a fantastic feeling and I can sit for hours on end and just focus on what’s in front of me, nothing else exists.”

With her newfound skill, the entrepreneur embarked on a mission as a jewellery designer. Over the last few years, she has been a trainee for renowned silversmith Owe Johansson, which has further developed her knowledge of working with silver. “Owe has been incredibly supportive, steadily pushing me into believing in myself as a designer.”

Symbols of the seaside

The jewellery brand Reflexion Silver was launched two years ago, taking inspiration from the sea and the west coast of Sweden, where the designer has spent many summers. For instance, knots and shells are symbols of what the west coast means to her: a sunny day by the sea, the salty breeze, the wind in her hair.

Inspired by these elements of the sea, the silver jewellery reflects the light but also a feeling of happiness. “The designs work as a recharger for me,” she says. “It makes me happy and I strive to transmit this joy and freedom that I feel to others. It’s a privilege to create beautiful things that others can appreciate.”

Designs carry meaning

The designer crafts her Reflexion Silver range of rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets by hand, in sterling silver, and introduces new designs bit by bit. The collection is versatile and on par with what is currently in fashion. “Nowadays, there are no firm rules and people tend to combine different jewellery such as gold and silver, and they often wear several rings together, which can look really nice. This look works perfectly with my plain forged rings.”

Customers love the powerful design: elegance with a typical Scandinavian expression, yet with a twist. The knot rings are the most popular so far. “People recognise the shape of the knot from another context, and that brings an interesting element to their look. Take, for instance, my clove hitch ring – many customers are surprised at how elegantly it sits on the hand.”

Elisabeth Bergstrand will be showcasing and selling her Reflexion Silver designs at the following Christmas fairs and markets in Sweden:

Carlstens Fästning, Marstrand
8-11 November

Bjersunds Tegelbruk, Bjärred
25 November

Kulturen, Lund
30 November to 2 December

Löberöds Slottskyrka, Löberöd
8-9 December

Rotundan, Lomma
15 December

The beautiful designs from Reflexion Silver are also available in the online shop.


Facebook: Reflexionsilver

Instagram: @reflexionsilver

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