Nestled in the heart of Sweden’s Roslagen archipelago, Marholmen is more than simply an island escape — it’s an experience steeped in a century of history, heritage, and heartfelt hospitality.

“People have been bathing, laughing, resting, growing, meeting, and enjoying Marholmen for more than a hundred years,” says Bibi Rydbacken, head of marketing at Marholmen. “We have a beautiful and very special legacy to uphold and manage.”

In 1913, wholesalers Nils and Hanna Berg gifted a portion of the island to the Swedish Trade Union Confederation (LO) to establish a rest home and school for factory-employed women. The spirit of their generous act continues to live on today, with Marholmen now owned and developed by the Swedish Municipal Workers’ Union. “We believe that they gave us the opportunity to contribute to a better society right here on Marholmen,” says Bibi.

Retreat to Marholmen: a century of heritage in the heart of the Roslagen archipelago

Marholmen offers a warm, unpretentious atmosphere that allows every guest to feel right at home. The relaxed atmosphere, beautiful surroundings, and delicious food are just a few of the reasons why visitors can’t help but return.

“The bridge to Marholmen is like a gateway to another world, surrounded by water and offering unique experiences and memories for life,” says Bibi. “I often meet guests who spent their summer holidays on Marholmen as children and continue the tradition by returning again and again with their own children.”

Marholmen also boasts a wide range of year-round activities and excursions to suit every interest. From swimming and paddling to boat tours and glamping on rafts anchored at the island of Rackaren, there is never a dull moment. Visitors can also indulge in therapeutic light treatments at Mareld Spa or enjoy a Swedish ‘kolbulle’, a meal cooked over an open fire.

Retreat to Marholmen: a century of heritage in the heart of the Roslagen archipelago

“You can try cold baths, saunas, and relax in our hot tubs,” says Bibi. “There is also a wide range of activities suitable for groups, including challenging colleagues on ‘Champion of Marholmen’ – which is just as fun as it sounds.”

Marholmen offers a variety of accommodations to suit every guest’s needs, from comfortable hotel rooms and charming Marholms cottages, to characterful villas and a glamping tent on Rackaren Island.

“By staying committed to thoughtful, heartfelt hospitality, we honor and carry forward the legacy of Nils and Hanna,” says Bibi. “We hope and believe that they would be proud of Marholmen today, more than a hundred years later.”

Retreat to Marholmen: a century of heritage in the heart of the Roslagen archipelago

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