Meet Ringvide, the furniture-makers who breathe life into each and every design. These creations are not just functional features of a room, but tell their own story with a beating heart. Designed to inspire a deeper connection between object and owner, a Ringvide piece is made to pass through generations.

The story of Ringvide is not the classic one of an unfaltering childhood dream, finally realised. In fact, it was quite the opposite: the brand was born unexpectedly and organically.

Before things took off, founders Lukas Dahlén and Leila Abd Alwaheb had other commitments. Alwaheb was working as a teacher and Dahlén, who was already moving around in the land of furniture design, was showing his pieces at various exhibitions, hoping to score gigs to design for established brands.

As it happened, during an exhibition in Milano, one of Dahlén’s showpieces (the now highly popular Weave cabinet) caught the eye of visiting architects and private buyers alike, and kindled a demand for his designs.

“Me and Leila had toyed with the idea of creating something together but were unsure of what that adventure might look like,” recounts Dahlén. “So, when the opportunity of starting our own business presented itself, we thought ‘why not?’”

Ringvide: Timeless treasures for soul and space

The rules of Ringvide

Dahlén and his team find inspiration everywhere: sometimes in historical events or surroundings, other times new and old creative techniques, or in a conversation over morning coffee.

“I have always been fascinated by ideas and how they can turn into something much greater. We all have a compote of ideas inside our heads and the more we have, the more ways they can take shape. I guess I am drawn to the idea of ideas,” says Dahlén.

Speaking of techniques, origami and weaving have always been two pillars of Dahlén’s creative style. Indeed, weaving inspired one of Ringvide’s most successful product lines, Weave, which includes a bold yet timeless collection of cabinets, bedside tables and desks – all handmade with natural wood and a hefty dose of care and respect.

There is also the newer Sumi line of Russian-doll style tables, whose name derives from the Japanese word for ink. The Suminagashi technique, which is used to create a completely unique pattern on each individual table, translates literally as ‘ink liquid’.

Ringvide: Timeless treasures for soul and space

Beauty and function

Defined by expressive minimalism and timeless quality, Ringvide designs are balancing acts between beauty and function. Historically, furniture has seen its design focus turned upside down from being purely functional, to placing form over function – as per modern consumer demand.

“Today we live in a very functional world where techniques constantly evolve. However, the basic functions of a piece of furniture are still the same. What has changed is the way we make and express them,” says Dahlén. “At Ringvide, we are driven by the will to present furniture and interiors with true value, not just the beautiful and practical, but objects with soul.”

A sensory experience

As an extension of beauty, Dahlén crafts designs that make emotional connections. It could be the scent of the wood bringing back special memories from childhood, or the shape of the furniture bringing the mind elsewhere. Or it could simply be that the purchase itself comes after a time of deliberation, during which the customer has had time to emotionally bond with the product. There is also the option of ordering pieces in bespoke colours, making this bond even stronger.

“We make furniture that is tactile, where you cannot help but run your fingers across the surfaces or corners as you pass by. Furniture that boasts a satisfying sound, as you close the door or push back the drawer,” says Dahlén.

Awareness is key

From an environmental standpoint, Ringvide designs are made with mostly Swedish or Scandinavian wood. In fact, the team is currently working with local sawmills to make use of high-quality timber offcuts which would otherwise go to waste. This is beneficial not only from a sustainable perspective, but from a creative one, as the use of various wood types will create more visual depth in future products. Additionally, Ringvide products are always finished with a surface treatment that does not contain any harmful alkyds.

Dahlén and his team are always striving to be even more sustainable. That includes streamlining their shipping and transport, as Ringvide have followers all around the globe. And the transport dream according to Dahlén? Delivery by zeppelin.

Ringvide: Timeless treasures for soul and space

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