Passion, love and knitwork are three of the most important ingredients in RisaRosa’s recipe for the perfect bunting bag. Despite being Norway-based, the brand’s products have made quite a name for themselves and are helping children across the globe to settle.

Having always had a passion for crafts and needlework, and with an education in sewing and design, Hilde Widding started making bunting bags for her own children and at the request of family and friends in the late ‘80s. In 2011, she was awoken in the middle of the night by a clear vision of an idea she had been developing. Unable to go back to sleep, Widding ran to the shop first thing in the morning and returned with a basket of yarn, and soon, the first RisaRosa bunting bag was born.

What started as a work of passion suddenly gained attention after someone posted Widding’s work online. Overnight, the bag’s popularity skyrocketed and suddenly, Widding found herself receiving requests from everyone from expecting mothers to bloggers and influencers.

Knitted with love

“Whether it’s for a client or simply for my own pleasure, I feel like I’m always working on these bunting bags,” Widding explains. “RisaRosa is my little baby. From knitting to sewing, I put so much love into these products.”

In fact, the name RisaRosa came from her own nicknames for her twin daughters, thus the brand has always been a very personal project for her. “I’m very hands-on and knit many of the bunting bags myself. There’s something incredibly rewarding and emotional about being able to partake in such a big part of someone’s life,” she smiles. “Often, mothers or those who want to gift the bunting bag will contact me a few months before the baby’s arrival and we’ll start discussing the product. Sometimes, people want their bags to have a unique touch or an untraditional colour, and as every product is handmade, we can happily add personal touches or changes to the baby’s bunting bag.”

Widding says that she can prioritise an order if the baby is already born, and RisaRosa is always in close contact with the customer throughout the process. “The most rewarding part is to see how happy the customers are when they receive their product, second to seeing all the adorable photos they send us of their babies in the footmuffs, of course.”

RisaRosa: Knitting with love

Sustainability, quality, and locality

RisaRosa has made the decision to keep production local, as it is more sustainable and allows the team to continue creating personal products. “Keeping the brand here also provides that personal, human touch to the product. We put our hearts into making these, and that is something I want us to continue,” Widding explains. “There are no limits to personalisation, because the products are handmade rather than mass produced.”

The local production also allows the team to ensure that every product is of the very best quality. In the past, Norwegian parents have found themselves having to dress their children in endless layers in order to keep them warm, but RisaRosa has removed this hassling obstacle.

“We only use natural materials, such as wool, down and cotton. This is to make sure that the products breathe and regulate temperature. That way, the child doesn’t need to wear loads of clothes to stay warm.”

Widding also wanted the product to be washing-machine friendly, but down and wool are washed at two different temperatures. RisaRosa’s bunting bags are therefore detachable, making them more innovative and user friendly. As the down pouch is removable, it can also be used throughout the year and not just during the cold seasons.

A bunting bag that works wonders

“We’ve been told by many customers that their children calm down when they’re put in our bunting bags. Some even bring the bag to bed,” she chuckles.

Some customers have also claimed that the product has helped their child get through their colic, allowing them to sleep through the night. “It’s hard to say what gives it that magic touch, but I do think the combination of the materials, their abilities and the design creates a very comforting and safe feeling.”

The bags’ popularity in Norway may be expected, but RisaRosa has produced products for beautiful infants all across the world. The bunting bag continues to comfort young children until they no longer fit in prams and are ready to take their next, or perhaps first steps.

RisaRosa: Knitting with love

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