Furniture joinery Risskov Møbelsnedkerihas always made a virtue out of making furniture with passion and perfection.
Every now and then, unforeseen and coincidental moments end up changing history. A few years back, the Danish furniture joinery Risskov Møbelsnedkeri experienced one of those moments. Risskov Møbelsnedkeri had for many years been a small joinery making high-quality furniture for private customers and furniture stores in Denmark, until an Australian furniture salesman showed up on its doorstep alongside Danish architect Kai Kristiansen.

“He owned two shops in Australia called Great Dane, and he was looking for someone to cooperate with. He wanted us to manufacture the design of some of Kai Kristiansen’s furniture for his shops in Australia, as he had heard good things about us and how we worked with the materials,” says cabinetmaker Per Andersen, who owns Risskov Møbelsnedkeri together with his partner, Leif Jensen.

Kai Kristiansen’s furniture design is among the most well-known designs from the ‘50s and ‘60s, with iconic models such as the Dining Chair KK 42 and the Lounge Chairs KK 121 and KK 161. His designs are famous for their functionality and sublime aesthetic, and so his ideas fit perfectly together with those of Risskov Møbelsnedkeri.

Risskov møbelsnedkeri

A partnership for the future

“After meeting with Kai Kristiansen on several occasions, we quickly realised that we both shared the same passion for creating high-quality furniture, so we began discussing the idea of expanding the partnership. We ended up getting the rights to making the iconic Lounge Chair KK 161, the Table KK 160 and the Couch KK 163, which we will launch at the annual design event 3daysofdesign. We have added a new interpretation and some sophisticated details to the original designs, which make the products rather spectacular and ambitious,” says Andersen.

Andersen and partner Jensen both hope that the upcoming launch is just the beginning of the partnership with Kai Kristiansen. In the future, they would like to bring more of the architect’s classic designs back to life, as the meeting with the architect has changed their history. They are no longer just a local furniture joinery, as their products are now being sold all over the world. “Let’s see who shows up on our doorstep in the future,” Andersen smiles.

Risskov møbelsnedkeri


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