On the island of Sandsøya, in the very east of the Norwegian archipelago, lies Rosenlund Hamn. Previously a popular restaurant, the property was left empty for three years before being acquired by the Halsebakk family, restored, and turned into a hub for tourists and locals alike.

Sandsøya epitomises Norwegian coastal life. Its beautiful, weather-beaten shore, rugged island landscape and glimmering waters attract tourists, sailors and neighbouring islanders. Rosenlund Hamn is a hub for visitors, offering a space for people to stay, socialise, dine and experience the surrounding nature.

“Rosenlund has always been a place where you can be yourself,” says co-owner Anja Halsebakk. She bought Rosenlund Hamn along with her brother Robin Halsebakk and father Roger Halsebakk in 2019, and has worked on restoring the space since.

Rosenlund Hamn: Experience the epitome of Norwegian coast life

Events, dining and outdoor activites

“A crab feast, ‘saudehaud’ (a traditional Norwegian dish consisting of a half sheep’s head, also known as smalahove) and a Christmas party were the only events we had time for before Covid-19 hit,” Halsebakk explains. “But the feedback we received was amazing and gave us enormous motivation to keep going.” The family tore down some of the old buildings, renovated the rest, and combined the old with the new to create a unique modern space while keeping the historical charm and soul.

So far, Rosenlund Hamn offers a restaurant with a cocktail bar and capacity for 200 guests, as well as outdoor space for another 100, event and conference spaces and accommodation. Currently, 14 rooms are available, with an additional floor of suites and superior rooms already in planning. Old piers have been replaced to increase the space for boats and visitors arriving by sea, and another pier will be added this summer.

A big part of Rosenlund Hamn’s vision is activities and experiences. Mountain bikes, electric bikes, SUPs, kayaks and canoes are available for hire. Trips on a high-speed Sunseeker Hawk boat are also on offer if you want an adrenaline kick, and if you’d rather experience coastal fishing, Rosenlund Hamn offers fishing trips on their Kulkuri 34 motorboat.

Meet Rosenlund Hamn’s mascot, Ottar the otter.

“It’s always been important for me to have a mascot,” says Halsebakk. “When I was a child, I loved the mascots I met at hotels on holiday. Dancing and playing, helping the children bond and make friends: this is what mascots do. They create a space where children are happy and comfortable.”

Rosenlund Hamn: Experience the epitome of Norwegian coast life

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