Remember when the office was just a place to work? A generally soulless space with desks and chairs, with little room for inspiring environments? That is now part of the past, and at the forefront of change is Rumrum – the interior design agency transforming offices and public spaces to promote wellbeing and boost efficiency.

Celebrating Rumrum’s 25th anniversary this year, co-founders Magnus Andersson and Nicklas Jansson describe the experience so far as a challenging learning curve – in the best way possible.

The duo started their journey together back in the late ‘90s, selling premium-brand furniture in Malmö, Sweden. However, as the years went on, they noticed a demand for conceptual interiors and began focusing on delivering bespoke interior packages for restaurants, shops and later offices. This organic shift included the creation and incorporation of their own furniture within the offering itself.

“In those early days, we took part in a competition which ended quite well. That helped us fully believe in our knowledge and abilities, plus gave us the confidence to really go for it – and good thing we did,” recalls Andersson.

Rumrum: Designing for growth

The Rumrum difference

To say that customers get the full package is no exaggeration. A Rumrum partnership offers thorough expertise, and an unwavering commitment to projects from concept to grand opening that sets the agency apart from competitors.

Traditionally, an interior architect would draw up the plans for a space then hand them over to the next party. At Rumrum however, the team works closely with builders and craftsmen to oversee every step of the process and to stay close to its development.

“By keeping things close, we can minimise any unexpected changes and make sure that customers get exactly what they asked for. It also helps us from a learning point of view as we can see what does and doesn’t work when translated from sketch to reality,” explains Jansson.

Rumrum: Designing for growth

Flexible workspaces

In recent years, the Rumrum team has focused their efforts on office design, in response to a growing demand strengthened by the post-pandemic return to offices.

Indeed, office design today has acquired a whole new meaning and needs to incorporate a lot of things beside simple workstations. On top of this, offices need to cater for a more flexible way of working, with employees coming and going.

“It is a competitive market out there and businesses need to entice workers with thoughtful spaces,” says Andersson. “There is a great correlation between wellbeing and efficiency, and we are here to maximise that bond which in turn will help businesses grow,” he adds.

Rumrum: Designing for growth

Capturing an identity

At the start of a new partnership, the Rumrum team will look at the client’s functional needs and tactical solutions. This will help form a floorplan which then acts as the backbone for the visual concept. The team will then focus on the identity of the customer, asking questions such as ‘who are they?’, ‘what do they stand for?’ and more importantly, ‘where do they strive to be?’ – and then the magic happens.

“Some clients have a clear view of what they want, and some do not. Either way, the creative process is always shared, and we work together to find the best possible solution that ticks all the boxes,” explains Jansson.

In general, this solution is far more complex than making a space that is ‘nice to work at’. It should have the right light and ventilation, and should encourage social interaction, a sense of calm, and creativity. “The way we see it, we are essentially selling a feeling which is experienced with all the senses,” says Andersson. In addition, the interior concept not only takes into consideration the feelings of the employees, but also the external perception of the space – such as on social media.

A bright future

The need for great office solutions will continue to grow as employees demand more from their employers, while employers themselves wish to inspire the best from their workers.

Some would call that a win-win, particularly if you are the founders of a very successful interior agency. And having just opened a second office in Copenhagen, there is a whole lot more on the horizon for Rumrum.

Rumrum: Designing for growth


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