For over 40 years now, Ruskovilla has been a pioneer in the Finnish clothing industry. Always one step ahead of the game, the family-owned business has created an innovative new range of garments which brings the Finnish forest to your skin… literally.

Ruskovilla’s latest innovation, the Metsä product range, contains the new Re-Connecting Nature® forest microbe extract. When this extract, containing safe, diverse and beneficial natural microbes, is introduced to the skin, it has been proven to support the body’s immune defence, even in very sterile city environments.

The Metsä (meaning ‘forest’ in Finnish) product range of underwear and accessories is a unique innovation, born out of a research project by Finnish universities on the positive effects of introducing natural forest microbes to our bodies. “The beneficial microbes added into our clothes are absorbed by the body. We know that early exposure to rich biodiversity is associated with lower levels of allergies, asthma and type one diabetes,” the company’s managing director Ossi Näkki explains.

The skin is the body’s largest organ, and chemical particles can enter our bodies through our skin’s two-way pores, so for Ruskovilla, the materials that come into contact with the skin have always been of the utmost importance. The Metsä collection is made of organic silk wool, which can be used all year round and is very soft to the touch, making it ideal for babies and children.

Ruskovilla: Good for the planet, body and soul

Always one step ahead

Ruskovilla’s products are made for the whole family using certified organic and responsibly-sourced materials. Circular economy values have been in the company’s DNA from the start, and the company has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to clothing innovations.

The company is known for underwear and accessories made from organic natural fibres – merino wool, silk wool and silk, as well as merino wool fleece, which has become one of Ruskovilla’s most popular products. “Wool fleece is a wonderful material. It is 100 per cent organic merino wool, and it’s very soft. Wool fleece is a natural, microplastic-free alternative to traditional synthetic fibre fleece,” Näkki states.

Despite their small-scale production, the company has amassed a loyal following at home and abroad. “We pride ourselves on being ethically-sound clothing producers and living in harmony with nature. The quality of our products speaks for itself, and it’s undoubtedly the reason why our success story continues, more than 40 years on,” he concludes.

Ruskovilla: Good for the planet, body and soul

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