Fishing fun in unforgettable Nordic nature

W hether you are a lifelong fisher, a complete beginner looking to learn how to cast and catch, or you are simply after an enjoyable day in beautiful nature, Salmon Finland will fulfil your wishes on their full-service fishing trips.

“I have been fishing since I was a kid,” says Toni Kuusisto, founder and head guide of Salmon Finland. “I come from Muonio, Lapland, so I am very familiar with the area and know its rivers and lakes thoroughly. First fishing was just a hobby to me and a way to relax, but once my expertise grew, I wanted to share it and the beautiful spots I know so well with others too. The nature is unique here – it is a very memorable experience to spend time in the quiet, undisturbed nature of Lapland. Respect for the nature is always at the heart of all our trips.”

Salmon Finland has been arranging fully catered fishing trips since 2006. The trips take guests to Kuusisto’s favourite spots in Finland, Sweden and northern Norway. Once you arrive at the airport, Salmon Finland’s guide will take care of the rest from there. “It does not matter if you are a beginner or an experienced fisher – the trip will be always rewarding. If necessary, the group of six guests can have three or four seasoned guides to help them get started,” promises Kuusisto. “We have always caught some fish on our trips, so it is satisfying also for beginners.” The fishing equipment will be provided by the guide, or guests can bring their own gear, too.

Toni Kuusisto with a salmon he caught weighing 15.4 kilogrammes and measuring 121 centimetres. Photo: Toni Kuusisto | Salmon Finland | Scan Magazine May 2019

Toni Kuusisto with a salmon he caught weighing 15.4 kilogrammes and measuring 121 centimetres. Photo: Toni Kuusisto

Top catering and cosy lodging

Kuusisto also runs a restaurant in Rovaniemi, so he is accustomed to taking care of guests and delivering top-quality meals. “I am proud of our high-level catering on the trips; we want the guests to enjoy culinary delights, like glow-fried salmon, porcini mushroom risotto or reindeer fillet, during their time with us. We use local ingredients and our guides are professional cooks who know the art of cooking tasty meals, also on campfires.” All the fish from the fishing trips are either cooked during the trip or brought to the restaurant in Rovaniemi to be prepared and served there. “We respect the nature; it is our top priority to make sure that we do not harm the environment on our trips. We do not cut down trees for fire wood or leave any litter behind.”

Salmon Finland’s base, Camp Visanto, is located on the banks of the scenic and peaceful river Muonio in Ylimuonio village. Some of the trips take place in that area, and some travel further afield, depending on the season and the guests’ wishes. Camp Visanto is open all year round for other groups also, such as skiers, campers and bus groups. It is a versatile and affordable camping centre offering Bed & Breakfast accommodation. To reach Camp Visanto, guests can arrive at Kittilä or Rovaniemi airports, or by train to Kolari.

Salmon Finland Scan Magazine May 2019

Different catch in different seasons

There are fishing trips to different destinations and using different fishing methods, and the catch varies according to the season. In Lapland, the salmon season runs from June to August. The largest catch Kuusisto ever had was an astonishing 19-kilogramme salmon from the river Muonio.

During the winter season, Salmon Finland organises ice fishing trips to the great fells in Finland, Sweden and Norway. There, guests also get to enjoy speedy travelling by snow mobiles through the snow-covered Nordic nature. It is quite an exotic experience for anyone to venture out in the cold and harsh nature, yet being safe and protected by the right equipment and thermal clothing. Salmon Finland can also arrange exclusive full-service fishing trips to the Arctic Ocean in Norway at any time of the year.

Salmon Finland Scan Magazine May 2019


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